You disassemble Apple’s Thunderbolt 4 cable and find out why it’s worth $180

Along with the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, Apple introduced Thunderbolt 4 cable capable of transferring data at 40Gbps and with the ability to power any machine up to 100W. Specs that come at a price of £149 and there’s a good reason this price is the way it is.

We know not all USB-C cables are created equal (and if they aren’t, tell the European Union this), and this Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable is the best example of the differences we can see between one of these cables and each other alternative can determine .

One of the best cables on the market

Apple sells two variants of this Thunderbolt 4 cable, the 1.8-meter cable, which costs 149 euros, and the 3-meter cable, which costs 179 euros. Some prices that stand out without a doubt, but this are justified in the quantity of technology and in quality of the materials inside.

This is what ChargerLAB shows us, who published a video on YouTube with the breakdown of this interesting cable. As the charging specialists show us, the new Thunderbolt cable features a braided surface that allows for tangle-free threading, making it more durable. But beyond a usual finish it hides excellent processing quality.

single-handedly We find a 19-wire coaxial cable with a diameter of five millimeters. The cable is protected by a waterproof and dustproof fabric jacket. Underneath this protective barrier is another protective layer made of a thermoplastic material, which contains a metallic layer to isolate it electromagnetically.

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Of the 19 cables that make up the set, 5 are covered with copper and are responsible for transmitting the energy. As we see in the video, most are cables covered with silver and pure copper. The set also includes a pair of plastic-coated cables that are used for USB 2.0 transmission as it is a cable that is backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and traditional USB.

From the cable to the plugs, there is a lot of technology in a small space. We find various components protected by a hard plastic chassis and a brass cover. One of the most important is a Intel chip that manages the Thunderbolt connection and rebuilds the signal to reduce that Tremble. The 24 pins of each connector are all gold plated.

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With all this we are faced with a really high-quality cable. A cable that uses the best materials available, making it far less prone to failure. That’s without counting the Intel chip that stabilizes the signal and, as already said, allows speeds of 40 Gb per second. a wire with a specific audience that now has a quality alternative For your needs.

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