You can experience their most private thoughts with this exclusive app for iOS with ChatGPT

Have you ever longed to speak to some of history’s and literature’s greatest figures? Aside from the impossibility of doing well because they are dead (or simply don’t exist), we imagine that it would be difficult for us to approach them. But this AI-powered app makes it possible: What will Steve Jobs think of the new Apple Watch Ultra?

Talk to Steve Jobs about Apple’s present, past and future

It’s called Superchat, an exclusive application for iOS and iPadOS, and its interface consists of virtual chats with historical and fictional characters. Although it allows you to chat with some characters for free Unlock them all and get rid of ads you have to go through the box (1.54 euros/week), although you have a three-day free trial.

The most interesting thing about Superchat, apart from looking at what characters are available how they internalize their personality and how they answer big questions that you may have asked yourself before. For example, if an apple really does fall on Newton’s head, philosophize with Socrates or get advice from Jay Gatsby himself on how to get rich. Don’t remain curious, according to Gatsby his wealth comes from questionable origins and he advises us not to follow his path.

The first conversation I had was, it couldn’t be less, with Steve Jobs, who answered my question about his impressions of the Apple Watch Ultra (it got a little wet) and which apple variety is his favorite.

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What is Superchat? The ChatGPT API (specifically GPT-3.5 Turbo, although according to talks between ZDNet and its CEO Guglielmo Faglioni the idea is to jump to GPT-4), which helps us get an idea of ​​what to expect from the talks can, which I will surprise in advance by their naturalness and the level of detail

Beyond chatting with celebrities, Superchat also allows you to talk to professionals from different fields to advise you: a pastry chef asking for his best recipe, a gardener you can ask for advice on how to get rid of weeds, answer questions with a developer or speak directly to Aria, a ChatGPT assistant who uses the OpenAI chatbot directly for useful Tasks such as helping you write emails, roadmaps, and more.

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How to use Superchat

Using Superchat is as simple as downloading it from the App Store and installing it on your iPhone or iPad. Once you have it you will see several screens that act as a tutorial to show you what you can do and the characters’ icons grouped by category. as a curiosity, These symbols are created using Midjourney’s artificial intelligence.


Once you get past those introductory screens, use the search engine or scroll through the categories until you find the character that interests you. Tap the icon to open the chat and start the conversation, which btw works fine in spanish, although characters like Da Vinci greet you in Italian. You can then delete them or go back to create new chats.

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