With just five apps you have more than 400 free TV channels on our Apple TV!

We are getting more and more used to streaming. Sitting in front of the TV to “see what’s on” is becoming increasingly rare, although it’s far from gone as such. Just as there are a good number of streaming platforms, there are several apps to watch free TV channels on our Apple TV.

Only 5 uses. More than 400 free channels

The list of applications that allow us to watch TV channels on our Apple TV for free is quite extensive. The quality of the offer is also very different. So let’s focus on the best alternatives.

  • Rakuten TV: In addition to its subscription service, Rakuten TV offers us Access to films and series at demand with commercials and a number of live TV channels. As our Xataka colleagues tell us, we currently have 85 channels available to access. Channels that give us access to series and films, music, sports, news, lifestyle and children’s content. Without losing sight of the fact that these free channels have advertising, we just have to install the app on our Apple TV and without registration we’ll enter channels to enjoy all content.

  • Pluto TV: Other application with up to 100 online channels for free. As before, the channels are divided into films, series, children’s programs, lifestyle, music, sports, news and a few more. The service is supported by advertising, but offers to watch the channels for free and without registration. As soon as you open the app you will see one of the channels and you can choose the one that interests you the most.

  • TV distribution: A service with more than 150 channels, all free. With Content in English and Spanish, Distro TV offers various themes live. Channels that connect several films, series and programs that we can also access for free. To filter Spanish content, just touch the box Spanish or let us consult their special list.

  • Rlaxx TV: In Rlaxx we can find more than 50 free channels, which in turn are supported by advertising. You don’t even have to registerand we can watch both live TV channels and programs on demand, which we access from the menu above.

  • ATRESplayer: We end the list with a Spanish application. One in which we can enjoy a wide variety of TV channels and live content. An application that also does not require registration and in which we can watch its content once we have it installed on our Apple TV.

To this list we have to add all the channels that we can access through the internet by visiting the chain’s website directly. Thanks to the possibility of duplicating the screen of our iPhone or iPad on TV, we’ll have access to a large number of channels that we can enjoy at maximum size in the simplest possible way.

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More than 400 TV channels in just five applications. Free applications, with ads, yes, but it doesn’t even require registration. All you have to do is install the app and start viewing the content. So easy.

Also on your iPhone

If you don’t have an Apple TV, or you have one, but also want to watch TV channels on your iPhone, there’s a great way to do it be able to enjoy 60 DTT channels. This is done through the website and you do not need to register or do anything else.

It’s as simple as typing, accepting cookies, finding the show that interests you the most and pressing play. You can enjoy a variety of channels. General, regional, sports, children etc. Wonderful, wow.

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