why Apple should implement these features for the iPhone

Every year, Apple releases a new version of its iOS mobile operating system that brings new features and improvements to the iPhone. While we just got iOS 16.4 and a lot of news, in the first beta the view is already set to iOS 17. The operating system that we will see in the coming month of June.

There are many new features that Apple could implement on the iPhone. The list would be really long and also very personal, because each of us will have our preferences. In any case, there are several keys that we will surely all more or less agree with.

Changes that make a big difference

The first feature Apple could implement in iOS 17 is a universal dark mode. Even though Apple introduced dark mode years ago, too many third-party apps still don’t support it. That means the screen is still very bright when using these apps in low light conditions. The same applies to some websites. By implementing a universal dark mode, Apple could ensure this All apps and websites were compatible with this mode. Certainly not with the same precision or quality as a native layout, but it would certainly make the screen more visible in low light.

Another improvement for iOS 17 would be a smarter notification system. Notifications are currently on-screen, and if they’re not opened or removed, they’ll stay there until we manually remove them. Useful but maybe it could be improved for those of us who get a lot of notifications as the screen can be full of old notifications. Apple could consider a system where the most important notifications remain on the screen during this time less important ones are automatically deleted after a certain time.

Another feature to consider is a split screen option for the iPhone. If the iPhone 14 Pro Max is really big, the iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra could be bigger. Multiple tasks could benefit greatly from a split screen. For example, writing an e-mail while consulting another application or watching a video while surfing the Internet. A split screen on iPhone, we get it if it’s in landscape formatcould be a good surprise.

Finally, iOS 17 could bring iCloud Private Relay system-wide instead of just being available in Safari. Apple released iCloud Private Relay in 2021 as part of the iOS 15 update. It allows us to browse the web privately and securely, but it’s currently only available in Safari. By extending iCloud Private Relay to the entire system, Apple could ensure this All apps on iPhone have the same privacy protection as Safari. Especially noteworthy at a time when privacy and security are becoming increasingly important to all of us.

Good news and bad news for accessing Apple Betas: everything has changed

Ultimately, the implementation of these features will depend on Apple’s development strategy and also on other factors such as the development of macOS or xrOS, the Reality Pro’s operating system, but it is never too late to suggest improvements, although we hope that sooner or later they will too iOS are coming, we wish it to be sooner rather than later. Ready for WWDC23 to bring news.

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