What to do if one of your AirPods breaks or is lost?

When buying a gadget, many people think of its future first. That is, if you paid 100,000 rubles for an iPhone, you will think about how it will work there in a year, what will happen if you drop it and whether you need to worry that it will not come through a case is protected. I’m sure there are more such thoughts about headphones that are easier to lose or break. I wasn’t worried about my AirPods Pro before, until I ran into an issue that wasn’t easily predictable. I’m sure many of you have experienced something similar, but just one detail changed everything and now I’m thinking about a safety net. Turns out she is.

What to do if one of your AirPods breaks or is lost?  You can buy AirPods individually, not just as a set.  A photo.

You can buy AirPods individually, not just as a set.

Advantages of TWS headphones

The main advantage of AirPods and other TWS headphones is that they are small. They do not take up space in your pocket or ears and are therefore easy to use. But this is their main disadvantage. If you drop them, the headphones are easy to lose. And if it comes at that moment (sometimes it does) then they immediately become something that can be thrown away or handed over to processing like a conscious human.

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What happens if the headphones fall out of your ears?

But if you can still find a gleaming white handset on the sidewalk or even in the grass, that becomes even more of a problem at times like these. Not long ago I dropped the phone into a small but snowdrift for the first time. It was a pile of snow, still white, piling up near the footpath. It’s good that I had a video of the flight path the headphones flew on and I was able to find it relatively quickly.

Usually AirPods (especially the Pro version) bounce off the ground very well and very unpredictably and fly away who knows where. This is due to the extended leg, rubberized ear pads and the low weight of the earpiece. Therefore, you do not have to look for it at the point of contact with the ground, but in a radius of one meter around it.

What happens if the headphones fall out of your ears?  These headphones are too small and easily lost.  A photo.

These headphones are too small and easily lost.

At the same time, losing an earbud renders all the headphones and a headset you can only use for phone calls useless, and buying a new pair proves expensive and undesirable. So, for example, in chain stores such as M.Video, a pair of AirPods Pro of the first generation cost about 17,500 rubles. It’s cheaper than it was a few months ago, but still expensive to pay that much for losing an earbud.

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Can I buy an AirPod

Earlier, you could buy AirPods headphones or a case for them from Apple, but now there are problems with it, because the company’s service works according to a simplified scheme, and if possible, the cost of such a purchase is comparable to the price of a new one Better buy sets right away, get a new case and new batteries for all three devices.

Whether you leave Apple from Russia or not, you can still buy headphones individually. At the same time, we are talking about new headphones, and not about outdated sets that have been torn apart to make money. It will be an earphone that will completely replace the new one and its price will be very fair compared to the cost of the kit.

AirPods Pro полезнее, чем вы думаете. Они могут заменить недорогой слуховой аппарат.

Where to buy AirPods individually

For example, you can buy all the headphones in the series individually in the iReplace store. At the same time, many of them now have a discount. The cost starts from 3,990 rubles for regular first generation AirPods. If your case is broken, you can also buy it separately. Even if you lost or worn out ear pads for AirPods Pro, you can also buy them separately for only 390 rubles. Even on AliExpress, it’s hard to find anything good value for the money.

Where to buy AirPods individually.  Separately, you can buy not only headphones, but also a case.  A photo.

Separately, you can buy not only headphones, but also a case.

The problem with AirPods isn’t just that they’re easy to lose, but when they break, it’s problematic to fix. In fact, headphones are beyond repair at all, and the disassembly and assembly procedures found on the internet are very complicated, expensive, and risky. Therefore, when the headphones are broken, it is easier to replace them with new ones than to do anything with them. The same applies to the charging case.

But, The main advantage of the Apple headphones lies in their mass character. Due to the wide distribution, there are such offers for the purchase of individual components of your case-headphone bundle. Try to find Huawei Freebuds or Samsung Galaxy Buds left or right earbuds on sale separately. It is unlikely that you will be successful.

Один AirPods играет тише другого. Что делать.

The iReplace store has been around for a long time and its main profile is Sale of spare parts for iPhone and other Apple technology. You will not only find headphones there, but also other things if you want to replace the battery of your iPhone yourself, for example. You can even buy not only the battery, but also a ready kit for replacement. This is still a difficult and responsible task, but if you want to try it, now you know where to buy everything you need.

Buy AirPods individually