What They Are and How to Use App Shortcuts to get started with Shortcuts app in the easiest way

Surely many of us are more than aware of that The Shortcuts app is a real gem when it comes to further developing our devices. We’re talking about a lot more than just quickly launching an app or flipping a photo with just a touch, we’re talking about doing things with our iPhone or iPad that aren’t possible any other way.

And while, as I said, certainly many of us are aware of this, it is not the general situation. With this in mind, both Apple itself and the developers offer us a way to do this Start with shortcuts with some of the work already done, and we call these app shortcuts. We can think of them as a mix of custom actions for Shortcuts app and also pre-made shortcuts.

A good claim for a Shortcuts app just for us

Finding you is easy. All we have to do is open the Shortcuts app on our iPhone or iPad and look in the sidebar list on the iPad and after touching the “< Shortcuts" button on the iPhone section App Shortcuts. There we will see which applications offer us these shortcuts and check those that present them by choosing the app that interests us. A simple touch on the shortcut or quick function allows us to run it, while the three-dot button offers us that Use in new shortcut. The latter is possibly the most versatile option.

After touching it we will see that the interface for creating shortcuts appears. From here we can use the search engine below Add other actions before or after them for automation exactly what we need. It could connect our VPN when you leave home, it could record a voice memo and automatically send it to someone in a single step… the possibilities are endless.

It is hoped that these shortcut functions will gradually be extended to more and more applications. For now, if we consult this section, we will see that the Apple Voice Notes app appears, which will allow us to carry out our first tests. When More actions are shown for the apps we use. We can create more shortcuts and more powerful.

If we've just released some AirPods, that's about all we can do with them

If anything, that’s an excellent claim for an app that actually allows us to do this Get the most out of our devices. A good way to get to know it with some of the work already done and to encourage us to create our first shortcut, starting with the customization of the apps we use.

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