What it is, compatible devices, and why it’s so important to Apple

AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max users can enjoy spatial sound. This technology provides an incredible sound experience. It’s a special way to experience sound on AirPods, whether it’s in movies, series or podcasts. Basically any way to hear audio. The technology behind it is amazingwe tell you what it consists of.

As Apple explained at WWDC 2020, where it first introduced this feature to AirPods Pro, Spatial audio creates a sound environmentthat goes beyond the left and right lanes. Depending on the content you’re watching, these AirPods can create what’s called a “sound field.” Taking the device they are connected to as a reference, a directional sound source is produced.

An absolutely breathtaking experience

With the vast majority of headphones, the channel radiated from the left side is reproduced in the left earphone, while the right earphone is responsible for the sound on the right side. whatever you did The tone was always like thisno matter what you do with your head.

AirPods 3

Now that’s not necessarily the case. If you leave your device somewhere and you shake your head, the sound always moves with your screen as the point of origin. With that you get a much more intense experience, especially when we are in a moving environment. It’s like going to the cinema without leaving the place you are in.

The sensors in these AirPods allow us to detect how we move our head and change the direction of the sound

He Spatial audio from AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Maxis a function in your settings. You need at least iOS 14 on your iPhone and compatible AirPods with the latest firmware version. The feature is on by default, but you can control the setting in two ways:

  • In Ideas > Bluetooth > AirPods there is a spatial audio button.
  • Of the control centerIf the corresponding AirPods are turned on, you can open their options by pressing and holding the button slider of volume.
Screenshots of the process

When this feature is enabled, AirPods support spatial audio Simulate the arrival of sounds from multiple points around us. It uses directional filters and frequency changes in each ear to provide a surround experience. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer that each headset has, you can use the reference to see how your head is moving. In this way, an immersive effect is achieved in the sound experience, without having to have multiple sound sources in tiny headphones.

AirPods Max

Thanks to this technology, Apple ensures that the AirPods are compatible are capable of playing 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos sound. The latter is a very important step in the sound experience of a movie, since it is not limited to the sounds of our side. A top layer is also added, which allows for a three-dimensional sound. Maybe Apple has a surprise for us on this topic at WWDC 2023 in the form of the AirPods Max 2. Who knows.

There are many services where you can enjoy this experience and the main ones are these:

How to configure custom spatial audio on our AirPods

To find out which movies or series have Dolby Atmos, You have to make sure that it appears in the file of the service you are using. In some cases it’s clearly stated, but in others it might be a bit easier to find out. Of course, once you start playing the content, you’re bound to notice.

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