what do I configure, what do I disable and what do I install

Starting an iPhone is quite a ritual. A very personal ritual at that, because depending on what use we are going to give the phone, we prioritize one or the other action. There are some basic lines – let’s say common – that we won’t discuss in this article, because of what We will talk about configuration details and some apps.

Go ahead, the advice – if you can call it that – that I’m going to present shouldn’t apply to everyone, quite the contrary. But yes they can serve as a reminder when configuring these or other similar options on our new iPhone or even change some settings on the iPhone we already use. So, without further ado, allow me to tell you everything I do once I boot up my iPhone.

Some configurations, installing apps and little else

Over the years operating systems and fresh installs have been mainly motivated by participating in the various beta cycles, I left a lot of customization behind. For this reason, even if in a training session we are focusing on configuring an iPhone for someone from scratch, I recommend keeping the factory settings as much as possible. I do it this way because – another opinion, of course – I think the options that Apple leaves predefined are very logical. Sometimes turning certain options on or off clashes with other settings and can dull the experience.

Apart from that, I change some settings and I recommend changing also the ones that we are clear that we want to change. What I do, not necessarily in that order, is Change browser from Safari to DuckDuck Go since the settings > safari and change the wipe options the settings > E-mail so you can quickly archive emails by swiping right. I also turn the volume up to maximum Ringtone and Notifications and change my ringtone to the settings > noise and vibrationI do it with one of the many I’ve bought that download automatically.

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I’m checking that the calendars and default reminder lists are correct, and I’m rewriting the quick replies to a call the settings > phone. I enable app privacy reporting in the settings > privacy and I disable access to Notification Center, Today and Search, Control Center and others when the iPhone is locked. In the settings > calendar I define them Default Warnings so that the events of the specified time and those of birthdays and the whole day sound at 9:00 on that day.

After that, I turn to the App Store and download the eight apps I use: iA Writer, Lockdown, Slack, 1Blocker, Vinegar, Tech Support, Apple Store, and Uber. And with that, I complete the configuration. The rest of the information, like photos, files, music and everything else automatically downloads from iCloud.

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Just one thing. I have the habit Allow the battery to fully discharge and then fully charge it so that it performs its first charge cycle and calibrates correctly. A custom from the time when the technology was not yet that of the iPhone 14, for sure. And done. Just enjoy the iPhone from here.

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