What are the Safari push notifications arriving with iOS 16.4 and how to enable or disable them on your iPhone?

Push notifications have always been with us. These are messages that we allow certain websites to send us. Somehow could be compared to a WhatsApp or a telegram message. Its most common use is to inform users of this website about various events taking place on it.

For example, if you authorize push notifications from Applesfera on your Mac, you’ll get a small message when we publish a post that does we think it may be of interest to you. It would also serve to notify you when someone has replied to your comment on an article, and more.

Don’t miss a single detail of your favorite websites

iOS 16.4 was loaded with new features like Apple Music Classical. However, one of the most interesting is this Inclusion of push notifications in Safari. So that the news we just talked about could reach your iPhone as a notification. This would allow you to stay up to date on the websites that interest you most and feel less intrusive than this type of advertising usually is.

To enable push notifications, simply add your favorite websites to the home page and allow those notifications. Follow these steps to complete the whole process:

  • Sign in to Safari and find the website you want to receive push notifications from.
  • Push the button share (the square with the arrow pointing up) and hit add to home screen.

Once that’s done, you’ll find a shortcut to this page under your iPhone apps. If this website has a notification system, it automatically requests permission to send you push notifications. Once you accept You will receive them in the form of notifications on your iPhone. If at any point you wish to disable them, all you have to do is go Ideasnotificationslook for the page that sends them to you and uncheck «Enable notifications».

Image of iPhone notification manager

Let's download!  iOS 16.4 is now available and that's all the news

Safari push notifications are a very interesting option if you want to know the latest news from your favorite websites. Furthermore, this integration into the system makes them both practical and visually appealing much easier to manage.

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