We’ve already tried it and these are its capabilities

With the launch of ChatGPT, we have witnessed a new era where artificial intelligence seems to be the protagonist. Open AIthe company that researches AI – oddly they describe themselves as “non-profit” – has managed to popularize its use due to the surprising answers its conversational chat ChatGPT offers.

A few hours ago, OpenAI announced the first official app from the ChatGPT company that allows us to use the AI ​​tool of this native application for iOS. It is currently the only version that has been released, although OpenAI confirms that the Android version “will be available soon”. Remember that the native versions of ChatGPT are always free: if you see one that charges you to use it, it may be fake.

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How to install ChatGPT app on iPhone

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For now is the native version of ChatGPT for iOS It’s only available on the US App Store, although OpenAI has previously announced that rollouts to other stores around the world will be phased in over the coming weeks.

If you have a US Apple ID, you can access and download the App Store immediately. If you’re curious and don’t have an account, you can create a US Apple ID using a VPN (using the US location). You will need:

  • A US mailing address and phone number
  • A mobile phone number to validate the second authentication factor (You can use a Spanish number for this).
  • It is not necessary to provide a bank account or credit card. Enter “None” in the payment method (Because the app is free and you don’t need it).
  • Sign out of the App Store on iPhone (There is no need to do this through the iCloud account, only through the App Store app) and log in to this newly created account.
  • Click this direct link to the official ChatGPT app on the App Store.

This way you can Take a first look at this new appbefore it officially appears on the App Store in our country in the coming weeks (if you can’t wait). Remember: you don’t have to pay a dime for it, it’s completely free.

How to use ChatGPT app on iPhone

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The privacy policy (in the picture on the right) is the first point you should consult in such an app.

Before we use it, let’s look at important data on how this works privacy data that OpenAI declares itself in the App Store application file. As you can see in the screenshot above, data related to our identity is stored, such as:

  • contact information
  • identifier
  • User Content
  • usage data
  • diagnosis

Remember that ChatGPT is used in a neural model that processes remotely, that is: everything we do with this native app They do not use any local processing functionsIt just captures the information, sends it for processing and presents back the results.

What is interesting about this version is that OpenAI has integrated the powerful Whisper voice recognition, property of the company. This makes communicating with ChatGPT very natural, since we can use not only the iPhone keyboard but also our own voice.

This is what ChatGPT can do on iPhone

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As soon as we enter the app, a very simple screen appears with moving phrases in the center that indicate it Things we can do with ChatGPT: create, innovate, explore, talk… these words, when they appear on the screen, take advantage of the iPhone’s haptic engine and convey a mechanical sense of “tapping” that is achieved very well.

From here we can create a new account or log in with the account we already use ChatGPT on desktop. This is important because we can use the same that we are already using Retrieve our past conversations and the whole story. Once inside, a very simple interface tells us where to write (or dictate) at the bottom and a menu at the top right with two more options: History (record) and settings (Ideas).

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In history we have that last conversations we had with ChatGPT both in the web version and in this new native app. There is no difference between web and mobile, and it is even possible to delete the ones you want by swiping from right to left.

If we enter settings we will see Our account detailsthe plan we contracted (If not, “Free plan” will be displayed.), the haptic adaptation of the text (that we can disable) and the license texts, terms of use, version, etc…

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From the same settings menu we can do this Subscribe to ChatGPT Plusfor an amount of $19.99 (Prices in Spain may vary upon departure). We also have the ability to export all of our data, including account information as well as the calls we’ve had.

The app’s interface is very basic, but it is what it is very well constructed as the animations and gestures are the focus. For example, if we move the text input area from left to right, we will immediately create a new chat.

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The usage of here is that of the ChatGPT that we know. TO very good speedI have to say in all the tests I’ve done. In addition, I tried to always communicate with the system using my voice, which I can access by clicking the “waves” button next to the text box. The interpretation of the words is absolutely accurate in all my tests and without kites.

A minimalist, well-designed, conversational app: a very good eater for OpenAI and ChatGPT on iPhone

As you can see, it is a very minimalist app at the interface level, but ChatGPT does not need more: well thought out, with an action-based design and where animation and certain haptic touches are used to guide us and grab our attention. Curiously, there are still no actions specific to the iOS Shortcuts app built in, although I suppose it will be a matter of time before that happens. A very good start for OpenAI to stream ChatGPT optimally on our iPhone.

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