We asked ChatGPT for the 10 best features of iOS… and this was the odd answer

Artificial intelligence will change the world if it hasn’t already. It’s capable of resolving the most intricate and intricate doubts to the point of philosophical dilemmas that we thought had no answer. It’s great and today we wanted to put it to the test.

We have asked GPT-4 to be the lead software developer responsible for iOS development since its release. Then we asked What would you say were the top 10 iOS featuresand his answer is quite strange.

A strange but coherent order

We asked you to give us Ordered by importance, a list of features that have shaped iOS and the user experience the most. Here is his answer:

App Store: The best app store in the world

App Store logo on the screen of an iPhone

The App Store spawned an ecosystem of apps that allowed developers and users to connect and has driven the adoption of iOS devices around the world. She has been directly responsible for creating thousands of jobs in development studios and brings a unique level of customization to every iPhone.

Siri: the first great virtual assistant


Back then, Siri was one of the first AI-based virtual assistants on the market. Allowed users to interact with their devices more naturally and efficiently with voice commands. And while it’s a bit in the doldrums today and can’t compete on the same level as the others, it still stands as a historic milestone in the world of technology. Let’s hope Apple soon gives you the update you deserve and have been waiting for so long.

iMessage: the best instant messaging in the world

iPhone with iMessage

In Spain and other countries, iMessage isn’t quite as established as it is in the US, but maybe it should be. Not only does it work like a regular SMS app, but it can also send messages over WiFi or mobile data, making it possible a comprehensive news service. It works better than WhatsApp in my opinion, but its major handicap is that its user base is limited to those using the iPhone.

Notification Center: what matters to you, at your fingertips

iPhone Notification Center

The Notification Center greatly improves the user experience by provide quick and easy access Warnings and important events. Everything is clear, simple and accessible with a gesture or touch. In addition, it can be configured in three different ways, which means that everyone can like it.

Touch ID and Face ID: Security taken to the extreme

Face ID iPhone 12

Face ID and Touch ID make authentication faster and more efficient maintain the protection of user information. They are better than what the competition has. Its operation is much more complex, and that makes it much safer.

Apple Pay: Payment made easy


ApplePay has facilitated secure transactions Encourage mobile payment adoption and convenience for iPhone users. It’s a very good way to leave your wallet at home if you’re just going shopping or going somewhere. Additionally, it has led to other versions such as the Apple Card and others that are currently only available in the US.

FaceTime: Rethinking video calls

FaceTime video call

FaceTime offers a quality experience and easy to use, strengthening personal connections in times of the pandemic and beyond. In my opinion it works better than other alternatives like Zoom or Teams. Anyway, for the taste of the colors, and although it may be the best option for me, it may be different for others. It’s a personal matter.

Dark mode: the most awaited feature

Instagram in iPhone dark mode

dark mode improves visual comfort and personalization, allowing users to customize their experience based on their preferences or the time of day. It’s a very good way to take advantage of the latest iPhones’ OLED screens and their pure blacks. Aside from the fact that its purpose is usually to improve battery life by using fewer pixels.

Home screen widgets: a big little revolution

iPhone home screens with widgets

The widgets have improved home screen customization and usability, allowing users to quickly access information and specific features of specific applications. They are small but offer a lot of information at first glance.

App Library: Apps simplified

App Library on two iPhone X

The App Library has simplified the organization and access to applications, making it easy for users to find and use the apps they need on their iPhone. It’s a great way to organize everything by category, making it much easier to find an app rather than searching through an endless stream of icons, in many cases out of order.

The evolution of iOS since its inception: a race to become the best mobile operating system in history

The truth is that it is certainly interesting. I do not agree with any of the functions, although with others yes. The order seems pretty good to me given the features you’ve selected, and it seems consistent to me. Anyway, that’s exactly what ChatGPT “thinks”. What do you think were the best features in the history of iOS?

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