We already know why the iPad 10 isn’t compatible with the Apple Pencil 2. The reason is really simple

To the surprise of many, Apple introduced new iPads last October. Alongside the launch of the new iPad Pro M2 2022, the 10th generation iPad was also introduced, officially the iPad (2022). An iPad that changes form factor to start Enjoy the design language that the rest of the family follows we are used to

An iPad with a truly renewed look, however I still use the first generation Apple Pencil. Something that, coupled with the fact that this iPad has a USB-C connector while the Pencil has a Lightning, is undoubtedly quirky. Now, with iFixit’s teardown of this iPad, we know why the iPad 10 doesn’t support the Apple Pencil 2. And the reason is really very simple.

Just a matter of space

Ever since the first iPad, the front camera we use for selfies and video calls has been on the short side. That is, if we put the iPad in a vertical position, the camera will be at the top. At a time when video calls and online meetings are the order of the day, the fact is that When you place the iPad in landscape mode, the camera is on the side, creates a strange effect on the captured image. And it’s because we’re not looking directly at the camera.

Given that perspective, as Macs have done since incorporating the first iSight camera, Apple pushed the camera to the longer side in the iPad 10. I mean now The camera is in the top center when we place the iPad landscapefor example with a keyboard cover.

A decision that certainly many of us appreciate and that we would have liked to see in new products. But now We know why the 10th generation iPad isn’t compatible with the Apple Pencil 2 while the iPad Pro still keeps the camera on one side: space.Image 1

iPad 10 on the left, iPad Air on the right.

It’s on that right side of the iPad, held vertically, where where the charging system for the second-generation Apple Pencil is located. As iFixit shows us in its teardown, there is currently no way to put the camera and charging system in the same place. While it would be possible for the charging system to move up or down a bit from the camera on larger iPads, it would also mean redesigning part of the Apple Pencil to fit in the exact area where the magnetic charge occurs. This is without considering the larger size of the Face ID system that comes with the camera, which may not leave enough space.

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However, this is a change that we might well see in future generations of the iPad and accompanying stylus. A change that combines the best of being able to magnetically charge our Apple Pencil while enjoying a central top camera for video calls. Without wondering why the iPad 10 doesn’t support the second generation Apple Pencil, The answer is really simple.