TVE is already preparing its pilot program

We’ve already talked about how to easily watch DTT or just “TV” on iPhone in the past, for example via Tivify. But all these solutions have always been based on a signal transmitted over the internet. So we don’t access DVB-T as the transmission medium itself, but rather an Internet stream such as Apple TV+ or Disney+.

Thanks to the first pilot tests that Cellnex is conducting in Spain, that may change, and a lot. The company with the most broadcast centers across the country will broadcast the TVE signal until after the MWC in Barcelona, ​​which takes place at the end of February. With this test we can Receive the signal from La 1, Canal 24h and others directly on your iPhonewithout intermediaries.

Less battery consumption and no mobile data consumption

We are used to the fact that DTT arrives via the antennas in the building and we can watch TV on our cell phones via the Internet. What 5G Broadcast represents is part of the DVB-I standard Send DTT signal directly over 5G. Let’s put it differently. Oversimplified, we know that a Wi-Fi signal is pretty much the same as a radio wave. We can broadcast Radio 5 to listen to it on a receiver or connect our Mac to the Internet through these waves.

This is what 5G Broadcast proposes, direct transmission. All this means that a device whose modem – which we often also call radio – is compatible with 5G can watch TV directly. You do not need an internet connection or a SIM card, nor do you need to connect to the tower. That is, the signal is indeed received, but not send messages back to him, which greatly improves battery consumption.

Not to mention not consuming any data from our tariff, thanks to this technology we could watch TV on our iPhone without having to worry about where the signal is coming from. A technology with definitely potential, although it also has obstacles.

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On the one hand the number of devices compatible with 5G and on the other hand the Ask if direct transmission has so many advantages over Internet transmission, now that everyone and everything is connected to the network. For now we will have to wait for the completion of these first tests, but it seems that sooner rather than later we will have even more options when it comes to watching TV from our iPhone.

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