Tim Cook claims AI is helping all Apple products. The Reality Pro will be the big beneficiaries

Generative artificial intelligence promise. Bill Gates knows, Tim Cook knows, and the rest techies he knows. And it’s true that Apple’s CEO has already said that AI is already being used in all of its devices, but This statement must also be applied to what is to come.

And what’s next, of course, is Reality Pro. And having an artificial intelligence in something like a mixed reality headset makes a lot of sense, but ideas on how it might be applied are still fuzzy. We’ll see some of them to try and anticipate what we might have in the future.

rehearse something “live”.


Can you imagine playing guitar in your garage to rehearse and being on stage with your reality pro at a crowded concert? Who knows, it might be a great way to inspire you. Also, the virtual audience could react to what you’re playing, or even hum the song if it’s known. And if copyright permits, of course.

determine if you are tired

Don’t underestimate the sensors the Reality Pro can wear that can look for our students and react as needed. And it is possible that if our eyes close or wander too much, it can be determined that we are too tired to wear the device.

Create meditation routines

firmament night

Personally, I would not rule out that the glasses themselves suggest routines to be able to meditate, depending on our tastes, they could generate a tailor-made scenario for us to relax. A lake, a Japanese temple, music that suits our tastes thanks to what has been compiled in Apple Music… here the AirPods Pro 2 would help us a lot with their good active noise cancellation.

Analyze distraction trends with eye movements

If we want to work with the proposed reality proposals, we may be offered ways to notify ourselves when our attention is scattered, thanks to an AI capable of recognizing it. Not to force us to work continuously, but to increase our ability to focus and concentrate.

It depends on the interfaces we use, but who knows. Maybe the iOS applications are broken, xrOS ones can restore them.

This user has already tried Apple's Reality Pro and we are dying of envy: it is clear that we have something big ahead of us

Simulations for vocational training

Imagine if you could not practice with plastic dolls during your medical or first aid studies, but also with a layer of augmented reality that helps us to face urgent situations more realistically. A teacher could control some factors, or the AI ​​itself could generate common emergencies for a student to practice.

The most interesting thing is that we still doubt how it could all be. and what makes me impatient for WWDC 2023: Apple must have taken very good care of the Reality Pro experience, and thanks to that there are some everyday activities that could change forever over the years.

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