This user created this great application for App Store using GPT-4 in five minutes

Chat GPT is one of the sensations of the moment. A few months ago, no one knew of its existence, and It is now one of the most discussed topics on the entire internet.. It is known worldwide and its projection is very good.

Each person uses this service in different ways: create summaries, answer complex questions, ask for recipes, etc. However, this clever user asked Chat GPT to make it an app to upload to the App Store. Impressive, right? it was like this. And it only took five minutes.

This has only just begun

As we can see in his video, he starts his “talk” with GPT-4 by setting up a series of conditions that the program must follow. This will help you get Answers that are more appropriate to the context, as well as much more accurate. Once that context is established, ask for more specific things.

The user explains to Chat GPT that he needs to create a “to-do list” which is basically an application so anyone using it can add tasks they need to do in the future and have them all there, so he doesn’t forget her. Something simple, though indispensable for many people.

Developers, good luck

The subject writes clearly What exactly do you want. It describes how the app needs to work, what needs to be done at each location, and so on. With these AIs, it is very important to be specific about what you want. The more specific the prompt The more of it given, the better the result will be and the closer it will be to what was originally intended.

Once it sends the message to GPT-4. He starts programming the app he was asked for. In the video you can see the code gradually coming out in a format ready to copy and paste into xCode, which is exactly what this user is doing. He then simulates the application on his Mac surprisingly it works very well.

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It is clear that artificial intelligence cannot yet carry out complex projects. This app is extremely simple, but it’s a big step. A few months ago this would have been unimaginable, and here we are. Given that, what makes us think that what we consider unimaginable today might not also be true in a few months? The possibilities are endless and the outcome uncertain, however It sounds exciting.

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