This shortcut on how to use ChatGPT on iPhone is the definitive one

The incursion of ChatGPT and the rest of similar Generative Artificial Intelligences changes everything, and almost everyone is convinced that we are seeing the first steps of a new technological revolution. There is still time to reach the whole world, but efforts are being made to facilitate its implementation.

Proof of this is AnyGPT, the application for macOS that integrates ChatGPT on Macs in a completely transparent way; or watchGPT to do the same on the Apple Watch. AND now we have something that brings that experience to iOS and iPadOS effortlessly thanks to a new Siri shortcut.

All the power of ChatGPT in one shortcut interface

The shortcut is called S-GPT (Shortcut GPT) and allows the integration of requests to ChatGPT in the form of a Siri order or directly in text format as in the OpenAI web, but without leaving the native iOS interface. Its structure was created by Federico Viticci, one of the MacStories website managers. It works for both version 3.5 and version 4 of the KI and can be downloaded from this link (you need to install this other link as well).

S-GPT isn’t an official implementation of ChatGPT on iPhone, but if it were, we wouldn’t doubt it for a second. The integration is such that We can create a playlist in Apple Music with the best of one or more groups just by querying the link, with no extra effort. The size of the conversations is unlimited and you can even export them in text format in case you want to consult them later:

s-gpt chat gpt iphone ios apple

S-GPT also integrates with Safari, Calendar, Reminders, the clipboard and can even summarize any text you have stored on your device. For now, it sticks to text-only answers and doesn’t accept images as such Entry. Everything will come.

The distribution of the shortcut is completely free, although it uses the ChatGPT service Paid OpenAI account required This allows us to get an API key from the service and integrate it into the link. It’s something you’ll surely have if you’ve been excited to try out the AI ​​and recommends MacStories themselves in the payment method used to save money.

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No one knows how Apple is exploring how to integrate this type of AI into its systems, but it should be something similar to those integrations. If third-party developers have already achieved something like this, I don’t want to imagine how far they can go in Cupertino by natively applying it to iOS. It shouldn’t be long before we see it.

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