This little dog was swept a mile away by the California floods. An AirTag saved his life at the last moment

California has been suffering from devastating floods for several days. The country’s location and various weather factors have left large parts of the state in a state of disrepair and wreaked havoc. Under so much destruction but, We found a story with a very happy endingone with a brave little dog.

A puppy who, against all odds, managed to save his life thanks to a prudent owner and to a rescue team that knew how to use Apple’s location technology to find the fighting survivor.

An unpleasant adventure lasting several hours with a happy ending

We are located in San Bernardino County east of Los Angeles in southern California, an area that has suffered multiple floods due to its geographical location. It’s nothing new in the region, so the territory has several larger and smaller flood retention basins. A type of drains that must be filled first before the excess water damages more important parts of the region, and that help with channeling.

I’ve walked around here Sesamus, a one year old Australian Shepherd, and his owner Emilie Brill. At one point, the pup escaped Emilie’s care and wandered into a stream of water that was going down the drain. “The current was so fast. She put a paw in the water and was gone,” says Emilie.

For just over a mile, approximately 1.7 kilometers, several witnesses could see Sesamus floating near a powerful and violent river filled with debris. However, the reporting time to the emergency services was not long enough because When they arrived, Sesamus had moved significantly.

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Luckily for the pup, Emilie had an AirTag attached to his collar, which allowed firefighters to locate Sesamus in a secondary underground drain. After opening one of the drain covers, and as we see in the photo above these lines, They found a completely exhausted animal looking straight at them with a grateful face.

AirTag, analysis: Apple's sci-fi locator that fits in your pocket

At the inspection, Sesamus showed up unharmed and in pretty good spirits. More so when he met his lucky owner a few hours after she lost sight of him. While the recommendation is that we don’t trust an AirTag with life as it’s not designed for that type of location, the truth is that it’s better than nothing. As this story clearly shows, When it comes to getting things done, technology can be an excellent ally.

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