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Nothing is a nosy enterprise. Many of you may not know. CEO and founder is Carl Pei, who was a co-founder of OnePlus at the time. I personally like his philosophy. They say, that “Technology should go unnoticed and seem like nothing“. To a certain extent I agree.

His first product was headphones. Kind of like AirPods Pro, but cheaper. The most striking thing was the semi-transparent case and body. Much hype was made around him., and it was raised as a more or less well-done competition. Now Apple is back and it’s done with everything. Say hello to the clean Beats Studio Buds+. A true masterpiece.

The Empire Strikes Back

When nothing let go of his ears (1) the whole community saw it as a direct confrontation with Apple and its AirPods Pro. Similar design, similar features and half the price. The company itself sold it that way. There was quite a bit of hype around this release because in a way it was the visuals that the community had to say about it. That things could change and that Apple is not “untouchable.”

The product was launched and was a success. All the media, youtube channels, websites etc resonated and caught many people. But little by little, the congregation began to realize something. The The first starts are not perfectthat you can’t compete against Apple unless you have a similar budget, and that not everything was as nice as they initially imagined.

Of course, the Ear (1) are good headphones. Nobody disputes that. But since it’s a new company and it’s less than half the price of AirPods Pro, it was obvious that they would not even come close to them. They continued to be successful because of their groundbreaking design and price, but not solely because of their sound quality or noise cancellation.

Nothing ear 1 and the semi-transparent beats

Now Apple has hit back. Or so it seems. According to Mark Otakara, a well-known and historical leaker, he released what’s to come next: transparent beats. The concept is suspiciously similar to that of the ear (1), and it doesn’t correspond much to Apple’s philosophy. Maybe it’s a hint like “stop using us as a marketing claim or we’ll sink the beach bar.” It remains to be seen what will happen.

AirPods Pro 2 VS Nothing Ear (2): Features, Differences and Pricing

It’s definitely a rumor. It’s true, almost confirmed to be from the source, but a rumor nonetheless. We’ll have to wait and see if this actually goes on sale and it’s not some sort of prototype, though the truth is that they are very beautiful.

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