This is how Steve Jobs used to spend every time he invited his colleagues to dinner

Many things have been said about Steve Jobs. Sometimes we knew anecdotes from his everyday office life or how he always wore a uniform. Or those days when he was so hungry he traded glass bottles for food. But never about how the founder of Apple he played it to his own company when he pays for his lunch and that of other employees.

And truth be told, this was a very simple trick when it came to paying in the cafeterias and restaurants of 1 Infinite Loop’s old campus.

Steve Jobs invited, but not in the way you think

Scott Forstall

When I ate with Steve Jobs, he would insist on eating me, which I always found a bit strange. Even when we were together and he ordered something quick and it was ready like sushi and I ordered a wood-fired pizza, he would wait 10 or 15 minutes for me at the checkout. I felt very uncomfortable.

In the end I said to him, “Really, I can afford it, so please don’t just stand there and wait for me.” And he said, “Scott, you don’t understand. Do you know that to pay we have to swipe our employee card and it’s deducted from my salary? I only get $1 a year! Every time I pull it off, it’s a meal “free!” This was the billionaire who took a chance on the company he started, a handful of dollars at a time.

The anecdote was told by Scott Forstall for Wired a few years ago and picked up by John Gruber in his Daring Fireball. AND It’s a sample of funny character and clever at the same time by Steve Jobs. The two shared a great friendship from their time at Apple until Jobs died ten years ago. For a time, many saw Forstall as Jobs’ spiritual successor and potential CEO of the company, until he was fired over the Apple Maps fiasco.

Anecdotes like these make us miss the genius more than ever. An everyday Steve Jobs who exploited, saved and catapulted the company he founded to world fame on a daily basis.

Why Steve Jobs only makes $1 a year


Many will wonder how it was possible for the CEO of a company like Apple to make just $1 a year. seems crazy, a missed opportunity to make more money. But for Steve Jobs, it made all the sense in the world.

By the time Jobs returned to the company he co-founded in 1997, Apple was just weeks away from bankruptcy. Accepting this salary was uno way to tighten your belt and meet the challenge with moral authority. Apple couldn’t afford to pay its new CEO millions of dollars while laying off numerous employees.

The $1 annual salary was another way of saying he wasn’t at Apple to make more money because he already had it.

Jobs didn’t need the money. Thanks to Pixar and NeXT he was already a millionaire, which was taken over by Apple and placed him at the head of the company. But he received a block of shares that would later make him a billionaire.

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It should be noted that from 1997 to 2011 Steve Jobs received $14 in the concept of salary. But its shares rose from $17.5 million to more than $2.2 billion. It’s not bad at all.

image | Chris Liverani

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