This is how I solved the hell of the new flexible freelance quotas with my iPhone: Hey tax advantages

This week we saw how to calculate your personal income tax sections after withholding conditions have improved on some income, but what if you’re self-employed? workforce self-employed They also see changes this year in the new social security contributions.

Among them, the state estimates that half of the self-employed will see a reduction in their quota, but those with higher net incomes will see an increase. For them, that’s the bad news choose a new tranche of the self-employment quota it is imperative. The good news is that you can even do it with iPhone to get rid of the paperwork as fast as possible. Let’s see how.

How to change your self-employment quota from the phone

First, remember: to be able to do this, you need to install a digital certificate on the iPhone or use the [email protected] system. Once you have done that, you need to go to this website from the iPhone and click on the “Request Change” button. You will be asked to verify your identity and you will submit the request to be able to change your self-employment quota:

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

In the main section of the website that appears after logging in, click on “Quote and Offer”:

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

The site will automatically scroll down and you will see your current contribution base just below a section called Expected Net Income with the message “Not Reported”. This is what we need to tell the state: the money we estimate for the next few months. Press the “Change” button:

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

The website will indicate the date from which the new fee will be applied based on the change you made. Now click on ‘Got it, change’:

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

On the next page you need to enter the monthly net income that you expect to receive from now on. If you have any doubts about how to do this calculation, you can click “See how to calculate your net return‘ to find out how.

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

On the next page you can see the net income tranche that is right for you and the range of contribution base tranches you can choose from. Scroll down and enter the Contribution Basis you want (remember it must be within the Contribution Basis range given):

Eventually you will get to a final section where you can review the change. You just have to give your consent and Click Sign and Continue. Done, the website confirms that the change was requested correctly and offers you to download the documentation that makes this change official. You can download it using the “Download Documentation” button:

Change self-employment rate 2023 iphone

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If you had a lower self-employment rate than the previous one, congratulations! If the opposite happened to you, be glad. Perhaps that means a slightly smaller payment on next year’s income statement.

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