This is how accidental payment incidents are resolved

Almost all iPhone users have used Apple Pay at some point. It’s a form of Carry our bank cards on the phone and can use it to pay securely in person or online.

However, it’s possible that at some point we’ve accidentally made a payment, been scammed or hacked – the latter is virtually impossible though. If something like this has happened to you, you should know that It is very easy to initiate the process to claim your moneyalthough the process depends on the bank.

Unlikely, but not impossible

When you make a payment with Apple Pay, it’s recorded in the Wallet app. To access it, all you have to do is search for it on your iPhone. Once inside you have to select the card you paid with and You see the most recent fees. Select who you want to report an incident about.

You will see a message in blue telling you to contact your bank. In my case it says Qonto, a neobank, but it will be whoever issued the card you are using. Just click there and you’ll get the form your bank sent to Apple for such an incident. All you have to do is call, provide your information and The bank will take care of it.

Screenshot of the wallet app

Next, the bank will take your details and, if the case allows, initiate a process called “chargeback.” This is a procedure in which the bank of the company where you paid is asked the return of funds. If you are right it will (usually) be returned to you, if not, no.

If it is an unauthorized payment, the procedure for making a claim is the same, but in this case your bank will have to refund the money. The first 50 euros will be debited from your accountand the rest is paid by them. In other words, if someone steals your card or iPhone and manages to pay, say, €300, the bank will return €250 if it’s not your fault. Once you report it, it takes around 24 hours although it depends on your bank.

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Whatever the case, the important thing is that Apple Pay is a very secure means of payment. like everyone else, has its weaknesses, and it’s good to know what to do in the unlikely event that someone manages to exploit them and you suffer financial damage as a result. We hope you never have to use the information in this article, but if you do, chances are you’ll be fine.

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