They’ve tried to kill it many times, but the iPhone SE is my customers’ (and a few million other people’s) favorite.

Until now, the iPhone SE It has taken a more or less regular and predictable course. The economical model of Apple’s mobile has always appeared spring and biennially, taking the chip from the most performing ranges but recycling the rest of the components to have a more competitive price.

However, there are discrepancies in the rumors as to what that is supposed to be next iPhone SE. The fourth generation of the phone is locked in bets on a design change, but there’s more than one source believing the model as such it goes away. And besides the confusion of the matter, My experience gives me many reasons why iPhone SE won’t go away.

The iPhone for those who are comfortable with an iPhone

The contrast is great: Ming-Chi Kuo gave the iPhone SE 4 for lost but it returned to give good news about him after a few days. And a few months ago, another reliable source commented that it was Indecisiveness about size of the terminal. In other words, the feeling is that the price isn’t very well decided, or at least it wasn’t until a few weeks ago.

And not only that: media like Macworld consider the iPhone SE to be a project should die. Their arguments: It no longer makes sense, its golden days are over, and fewer and fewer people want a home button. Personal I think the iPhone SE is still a phone that deserves to exist.

There are many people I regularly visit in my training courses who always prefer an iPhone SE to any other model. And their reasons are well defined:

  • They only want to cover the basic needs: calls, WhatsApp, mail and banking.
  • You want a cheap phone
  • They want a small phone (autonomy doesn’t matter to them because they use it little)
  • They prefer an iPhone for its security and the integration of its services.

In other words: the iPhone SE is it the perfect iPhone for those who hate smartphone and is forced to have one. For those who, if it were up to them, would go on with a Nokia and nothing else, but put up with the banks and other services while still wanting something reliable.


This market sector could be orphaned if Apple decides to phase out the iPhone SE. A future where the cheapest iPhone is an older generation could push all those users to compete. The situation worsens when we remember that the prices of the next iPhone will go up and Tim Cook is okay with that.

So here’s my request: Apple, keep the iPhone SE somehow. It is the gateway to Apple for many users, and the perfect phone for those who don’t want to have a smartphone. Losing it would mean reserving the iPhone to only the most bonuswhat I think is a mistake.

image | Angel Varela

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