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The future of home automation is already making its way into the Apple ecosystem. Manufacturers of HomeKit accessories are already starting to release firmware updates that adapt the devices to Matter, the new standard that aims to standardize the communication between devices and make them much more compatible.

Maybe that surprised you, so let’s see what it is. what to do when you come across the update notification in some manufacturer applications. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to understand what’s happening.

We have already seen the two basic concepts that we must distinguish well: thread and matter. The former is a communication protocol (like Wi-Fi networks), while the latter is a standard home automation communication system. Thanks to both We will gain speed using this accessory and compatibility: What was initially only intended for Alexa or Google Home can be used on all platforms. The same applies to everything that was previously only compatible with HomeKit.

how does it look slow Well, for example, Google is already starting to release Android updates that integrate compatibility with Matter. Amazon is in the process of updating its Echo. Eve, maker of a variety of HomeKit-compatible accessories, is doing the same with Eve Motion, Eve Energy, and Eve Door & Window. For the latter, compatibility with Thread was also completed two years ago. When you open the Eve app, you might see something like this:

Eve Matter update

If you accept the update (which we recommend), your Eve accessories will become Matter compatible. This does not affect your configuration or your installation of HomeKitjust open them to the Matter standard so other platforms can use them.

Apple has also done its homework: iOS 16.2 and other equivalent versions of the rest of the systems are ready for the standard. It is therefore to be expected that manufacturers will gradually update both their applications and the firmware your accessories.

If some time passes and all accessories have been updated (some older ones do this due to limitations in their hardwareI suppose) we should start noticing the benefits of matter. We no longer have to search for the HomeKit logo in the boxes of home automation accessories: it is enough just to read that they are prepared for Mater.

AirPlay could either become the standard or disappear, and it's all thanks to Matter and the rest of the industry.

And as for Thread, we don’t have to do too much either: if we have a HomePod mini or one of the new Apple TV 4K with an Ethernet port, we can use this communication protocol in our house. Let’s update and wait because the future of home automation at Apple includes more accessories and more facilities.

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