There’s new information about the next Mac and bad news about the Mac Pro

The Sunday bulletin of rumors maintained by Mark Gurman today was packed with lots of delicious news and tweaked details about the next batch of new Macs we’ll be seeing from next year. There’s a lot to talk about, but not all good news.

Apparently, Apple had to take a few steps back in its chip plans and eliminate what was meant to be upper area. And that leaves a potential computer quite damaged: the Mac Pro might not have been what it was meant to be.

Mac Pro, but not as Pro

Let’s go by parts. This is what Mark Gurman expects from the Mac series:

  • It expects new models of the M2 Pro and M2 Max chip-based MacBook Pros early next year, confirming rumors they were supposed to launch last month and were ultimately delayed.
  • He estimates the launch of a new iMac with an M3 chip at the end of 2023 “at the earliest”. There will be no iMac with M2 chips, and models with more advanced chips have also been delayed.
  • Mac mini models with M2 and M2 Pro chips are still being tested.
  • There will be new monitors, including a successor to the XDR Pro Display (more like that in the longer term) and a new Studio Display with ProMotion. All models will continue to be equipped with a chip that would relieve Macs of certain tasks so that they can work with less load.

The development of an M2 Extreme chip would have been canceled because the development was too demanding

The bad news comes with the Mac Pro. It’s still in development, but Apple would have decided to cancel the ‘M2 Extreme’ chip that it would go to his heart (and that it would presumably be two ‘M2 Ultra’s working together). Now the Mac Pro will carry an M2 Ultra chip with up to 24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores and 192GB of base RAM.

The reason for this change might be the price: we could have looked at a $10,000+ Mac Pro, and Gurman thinks that would have resulted in very few people buying it. The development effort would not have been worthwhile because you wanted to be too ambitious.

The Mac Pro would still be a computer with expansion options, would be room for more RAM, more storage space and more graphics power. It would continue to focus on the most professional.

Apple is accelerating testing of new Macs that Gurman says will be released in the coming months

The source believes that we will see this new Mac Pro in 2023, although he doesn’t dare predict if it will happen at the beginning of this year or more towards the end. Doubts remain, but it’s becoming increasingly clear to us that Apple has been forced to make big changes to its Mac agenda.

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