There is still a lot to do for iOS 16. This is the feature I want to see the most

Notifications are an essential part of our everyday life with devices. Without having to look at the information, we will be informed in good time about certain changes and interesting topics. Some notifications that we receive from the apps installed on our iPhone, iPad or Mac and that allow us to disconnect from them while being informed.

One of the many planned changes for iOS 16 that haven’t made it into the operating system yet is opportunity Offer notifications directly in Safari from the web. An option that has been around for years on the Mac and that would be a first on our iPhone or iPad. The feature I want to see the most from those still coming to iOS 16.

A small detail that makes a big difference

Many years ago notifications were a novelty and when an application asked permission to send it to us – or even that took longer – we said yes. The result was significant saturation of notifications and, while we agree that this is not the case in all cases, a tendency to view them less positively than they really are.

Well configured and only keep the important ones, the notifications They allow us to do the exact opposite of what many people might think: divest yourself of applications. It is not necessary for us to check for news regularly, if you have not notified us it means there is no news.

So far, these notifications can only come from apps, but when web push notifications arrive in iOS 16, as announced during the last WWDC, the situation will change. And you could think of more notifications? In a way yes, but being able to get updates from a site, say Applesfera, without having to resort to a third-party app or social networkit can be really useful.

Because of my job, I need to be aware of a lot of news and keep up to date on various topics almost in real time. Configure notifications for some websites without having to resort to anything other than Safari and receiving timely notifications on all my devices is just great. If these are also properly integrated with the concentration states to be able to decide from which locations to receive communications at any given time, even better.

My privacy is very important to me, these are the apps that have passed my filter and that I use

I’ll admit it might be a detail that goes unnoticed by many, but of the seven new features that should be coming soon to iOS 16, this is the one I want to see the most. I’ll admit that the fact that I use really few apps has a lot to do with it, but even if I don’t, I find it very useful to be able to receive notifications without having to go through an app. Ideal for being informed without oversaturating us.

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