There are people who organize their lives with iPhone boxes. And the result is great

He Packaging of Apple products has always been characterized by its quality. Adam Lashinsky said so in his book Inside Apple the boxes are the letter of introduction, the first contact and therefore exhaustive attention must be paid to the first moments in which we develop our “relationship” with the product.

But design rules aside, the truth is that Apple boxes are strong, lightweight and excel at being designed to make the most of the space. “Fantastic storage and organization pieces‘ according to the Organizing Moms blog. A cheap, simple solution that more people than we imagined are using to save almost anything.

A second life for iPhone cases

To group socks, organize stationery, have all your headphones well protected, classify bags of different teas and infusions, or even store different makeup products.

Apparently, the clean white of the boxes of all Apple products goes particularly well with most gray, brown, or white desks. On her blog, designer Myrachael took dozens of boxes of Apple products and painted, glued, and laid them out throughout the day to keep her desk fully organized. This is the before and after result:


Larger boxes for MacBooks, iPads and the like can make great filing cabinets. The smallest ones, like those of the iPhone, pen trays and adhesive labels or candy boxes. Another example:

And as a result, we connected some boxes to others a handy binder for organizing everything from stationery to the smallest items – and easier to lose – by DIYers, such as washers, nuts and screws, bolts and fuses. In addition, they remain protected from moisture.

Steve Jobs had a team dedicated to opening boxes all day long.  Those were her reasons

They aren’t the only examples. For example, author Irene Seto turns her boxes into a trash can, a sewing kit – there’s an alternative to cookie jars! – or a storage system for your everyday beauty products. The limit, as they say, is in our imagination.

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