The true meaning of the “i” that precedes the iPhone and other Apple products

What does the letter i in front of the iPhone, iMac or iPad mean? Within the Apple ecosystem The company has launched dozens of products, all with this letter to crown their name.

Parodies and jokes were even published. It’s a token so tagged and connected to Apple that even an artificial intelligence like ChatGPT jokes about it — if there were a movie, he says, it’d be called “The iEcosystem.” But the question still lingers, what is its true meaning?

What does the “i” of the iPhone mean?


Various rumors have been circulating for years. On the one hand, there are those who believe that this is the i of the “Internet”, since all these products have the ability to connect to the network. But we better go to the original source. This letter i preceded the main Apple products a habit that appeared with the first iMac, as can be seen in the video of his presentation.

“Fusing the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of the Macintosh. That’s what we want to offer consumers who tell us they want a computer that lets them access the Internet quickly and easily” – Steve Jobs

As we can see, the first iMac introduced by Steve Jobs in 1998 contained this relationship. But as he explained, the link to the Internet is only the first part.

With “i” from Internet

The five buzzwords beginning with the letter “i” are Internet, Individual, Education, Informa and Inspire. Alongside the Internet, it is through them that this frequently recurring prefix takes shape:

  • Individually: a stark reminder that the first iMac was a personal computer, easy to use, carry, manage, and so on.
  • Instruct: According to Steve Jobs himself, the iMac was the perfect device to educate a new generation, ideal for entering the computer industry.
  • Report: It was also the perfect tool for finding information, completing office tasks, but also for communicating and informing others.
  • To inspire: In conclusion, Steve Jobs recalled that the iMac was an inspirational tool, both for its users and for others who would see this new machine as a step forward in the evolution of modern computing.

In short, the “i” that precedes the iPhone, announced in 2007, also shares the same philosophy as the first iMac. A signature brand that Apple hasn’t parted with in 23 years. And those who stay

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