The treasury helps you simulate how much you have to pay or collect

Recently we told you how to prepare for when the draft income 2022 can be requested, what you can do from your iPhone. But starting today, you can take one more step before requesting this draft: Check your tax information on the tax authority’s website.

From this website we can do the query or even use a simulator to be able to do it Essays of statements. And yes, we can do it all from the same iPhone. Let’s see comfortable.

What are the tax data of the income

Tax data, i.e. the information that the state has about your personal and tax situation, includes several things:

  • Your marital status and tax address
  • The properties you have on your behalf
  • Your bank accounts, including mutual funds and stocks, if applicable
  • Income from self-employment (self-employed) or third-party (employment contracts)

All of this data will be used by the tax authority to prepare the draft Form 100 return, so it must be correct data. You can of course change them if errors occur, but It is important that they match the dates on your invoices or payslips. You may need to accommodate changes of address, e.g. B. if you move from one rental apartment to another or buy a house.

This Treasury Department calculator tells you how much personal income tax should be on your 2023 payroll to take advantage of the new tax benefits

How to Access 2022 Income Tax Data on iPhone

Remember: to be able to do this, you must have the digital certificate or [email protected] PIN installed on your iPhone. In this way we must authenticate ourselves correctly before the Treasury.

If you meet this requirement, you can go directly to the tax office’s website and click on “Tax data”:

Tax data income 2022

You will see that the web will ask you to enter with the certificate or [email protected] PIN as I mentioned before. Once you identify yourself by following the steps, a website will appear immediately with all the tax information:

Tax data income 2022 iphone

Another method you can use to access your tax data is through a simulator prepared by the tax authority. You can access it through this official website by clicking on “Renta Web Open Simulator”:

Income simulator 2022

An interface will open to create the income statement 2022 as if the process were already active so you can check that everything is as expected.

Remember: the 11 April From this point in time, the draft income statements for 2022 can be viewed. But while that date doesn’t arrive, you can start preparing all the data so that it adds up and presenting the 100 model is a doddle.

In Applesphere | This way you can know whether the check for 200 euros has been approved by the tax office

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