The thriller based on the most cloned game in history comes to Apple TV +

There are video games that have an exciting story behind them, full of chases, robberies, addictions and all kinds of funny situations. This is the story of the third best-selling game of all time, although its sales figures are so difficult to quantify that it was considered a losing battle. because even It is considered the most cloned video game of all time.

We’re talking about Tetris, a small experiment that was born in a laboratory and that is today one of the most iconic games of all time – Every time we order the fridge or suitcase for vacation, we do a “Tetris,” right? The problem arose when its authors considered monetizing it under the ironclad rules of Mother Russia.

Tetris or the story behind the most cloned game of all time

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Acquiring the rights to this video game was a real problem due to a number of factors. Developed in 1984 at the Dorodnitsyn Computing Center by the Russian Alekséi Pázhitnov, who worked in the research and development department, the young man soon realized a maxim: everything that develops under the cover of the Soviet Union stays in the Soviet Union. The intellectual property belongs to the state, so forget about cashing in on the game that soon became such an important phenomenon that university professors had to uninstall it because productivity was at a minimum.

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All right, while other companies were making money off inventions like “pong,” The Tetris spell took too long to bring benefits to its conceptual author. So much so that a handful of savvy businessmen decided to clone it. A certain Robert Stein took over the rights, sold and resold them without permission, only to end up in the hands of Atari, who made half a million copies and spent a fortune marketing, distributing and selling them without even a license to exploit to have. It was actually Nintendo who acquired these rights.

Based on the true story and produced by Apple Original Films, Tetris tells the journey Dutchman Henk Rogers went through to acquire the rights to the video game. Taron Egerton (“Rocketman”, “Black Bird”) He’s responsible for bringing this business figure to life who faced the Soviet Union during the final blows of the Cold War. A race against time where betrayal counts everywhere.

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The screenplay involves nothing less than Noah Rosaresponsible for and directed the ‘Genius’ series for National Geographic Jon S Bairdresponsible for the comedy Filth (2013), director of series like “Babylon” or Scorsese’s “Vinyl”, as well as the biopic Stan & Ollie, based on the life of “El Gordo y el Flaco” as they were called in Spain.

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An exciting story that begins on March 31st. Then we will know some of the hundreds of secrets that this little Tetramino game hides and the dozens of clones it has generated – from Columns to the many versions of similar puzzles. A game that has unleashed its own debate on kinesthetic syndromes – the so-called “Tetris Effect” – fueled by this tune, which is none other than the Korobeiniki, a tune based on a courtly poem become an anthem in video game history.

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