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The three secret tests you need to pass if you want to work with Apple

apple is different. Even to find the best talent, it analyzes details that other companies miss. In the midst of an economic recession, a discharge ladder massive among big tech employers, perhaps these tools are the only ones protecting your identity.

Apple resorts to three tests, a little conceptual gymkhana that seems so obvious it’s not hard to miss. Through an article published in INC business magazine We discovered these three secrets that they have been his yardstick for selecting and rejecting candidates for years.

In a company where you receive dozens of recruitment requests every day, the challenge is knowing how to resign, how to recognize excellence or, much more interesting, how to find the best option to fill a real need. Respondents are not familiar with these tests beforehand. In fact, these tests were not known for years.

First test: social evaluation

apple people

Before you even begin the first interview, beginning with video calling one of the HR managers, you will already be assessed. This test consists of measuring expectations, disarming the most organized candidates or asking them to abandon their preconceived notions.

And all from “ice-breaking questions one minute before the meeting starts.” Questions that may or may not be position-related, with obvious examples such as “How was today, did it cost you to get there?”.

Apple ends its agreement with Jony Ive: farewell to thirty years of great technological creation

But how is that rated? Through tiny gestures, measuring the speed with which they respond to these questions, how comfortable they are, whether they betray trust or maintain cordiality, whether they are respectful or boastful, when they take the time to provide a measured response or when they resort to clichéseither trite or impulsive.

Yes, these first few questions may seem outside of interview time, but they actually answer the assessment itself. Everything counts.

Second test: open questions

The second test consists of the following: The responsible evaluator or interviewer throws questions in the air, forum style, in a working group, so that each candidate can answer, without command or concert. Can that really be of any use? Natural: This resource is essential for measuring respondents in a more talkative, relaxed environment.

Likewise, This “format” is used for everyone to throw out ideas while measuring each other up. In a brainstorming session, it is not the bravest who win, but the most exposed. And if it’s not yours, at least show yourself cooperative, appreciative, dynamic, able to intercept advice and turn it around in your favor…this is essential when analyzing potential collaborators within group dynamics.

Apple hires a former Facebook exec to lead its IT team

As in so many educational or working worlds, from kindergarten to university project, the “singing voice” will soon be loud, the born leaders will soon attract attention, at least from an organizational point of view. Apple professionals will use this test to verify what type of person best fits the role you are looking for. After all, you will be working as a team most of the time.

Third test: the social development of the interview

apple people 2

Have you ever walked out of a job interview feeling like you made it but no one called you back? Or the other way around: You think you haven’t given any, but the position is yours. An interview is more than the sum of its questions, the individual “hits” or “mistakes”. Let’s remember what’s between the lines.

Apple professionals already know your strengths and weaknesses from the first Icebreaker questions and the group interview – now it’s time to get down to business. And at that moment, the interviewer compares one with the other so that the interviewee also reveals his attitude towards the competition. Are you cooperative, do you use the ideas of others or do you prefer to discriminate against everything that comes “from outside”?

The desire to stand out sometimes causes us to trip over ourselves. But becoming part of a giant like Apple means becoming part of a big family, a business environment where, like a piece of a puzzle, it’s not so much about filling a gap as it is about fitting in with others.

This positive attachment mentality is necessary to grow together with the team and not despite the team. And with these tools, Apple specialists can quickly find the right candidate.

Original cover photo | Arild Finne Nybo

Source : www.applesfera.com