The thing about having a new iPhone every year is amazing and the reason is because of the Pro models

As iPhone users, we’re used to Apple releasing a new model every year with improvements in camera, performance, and design. However, in recent years we have noticed it a change in this annual update strategy. And the reason for this change is clear: the Pro models.

In recent years, Apple has introduced two iPhone lines: Entry-level models and models with the surname Pro. Regular models often include camera and performance improvements, but often lack the latest technologies. With the Pro models, Apple gives free rein to the specifications and try new technologies. And this seemingly simple change makes the idea of ​​having a new iPhone every year mind-boggling.

Simultaneously simplify and diversify

The double line of the iPhone is becoming more and more obvious. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro included a triple camera and an OLED screen, while the iPhone 11 didn’t include these features. If we jump to the iPhone 14, the difference is again more than clear. It’s in the iPhone 14 Pro where We find the new design with the Dynamic Island and a new chipwhile on the entry-level models, the changes are minor.

Now a periscope lens is expected with the iPhone 15 Pro, a technology that allows for a powerful optical zoom. However, rumor has it that this technology would not reach the iPhone 15 indentation Yes, it could be present in all iPhone 16 models. Another important distinction.

Before we jump to some conclusions, let’s add one more element to the equation: the iPhone SE. Rumor has it that Apple could have canceled the iPhone SE 4 and as far as we know, this model could disappear from the catalogue. The same has already happened with the mini variant of the iPhone.

Years ago, the difference between iPhone sizes was essentially that of size. But we’ve been seeing a change for some time. With the iPhone mini and possibly the iPhone SE gone, annual releases are happening at two speeds. While the iPhone with the surname Pro gets the most important news, Entry-level models require an additional year.

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We say that Apple releases an iPhone every year, but the truth is that if we count the choice of storage, there are four, five or even seven models. iPhone is a product with many users and should cover as wide a spectrum of needs as possible. Maintaining a double speed in terms of new products can be key to maintaining certain price ranges while also regularly introducing new products.

Although the enthusiasts, certainly many of us reading this article, have a slant towards the best of the best when we talk about the iPhone, there are many users who value the iPhone for, for example, its operating system and little else. Yes, they will take photos, but not for any competition either. For this range of users a iPhone that’s easier to upgrade while maintaining a significantly lower price it can be really attractive.

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We’ll need to closely monitor how this strategy evolves in the future and the impact it has on users and the iPhone ecosystem in general. But if the tendency to Simplification in terms of models and differentiation of specifications continues, this could mean that the concept of having a new iPhone every year could change and that entry-level users could take a little longer to get the latest tech. Good? Poorly? More options to choose from.

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