The seven best apps to listen to the radio on our iPhone for free

It is clear that on-demand content such as podcasts has largely replaced free-to-air radio. It’s also true that you have to listen to certain content live, for example a sports event broadcast. Fortunately, radio continues to have an important weight in communication, let’s see The five best apps to listen to for free on our iPhone.

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The best free radio stations to listen to on iPhone

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TuneIn radio There is a hint within the apps to listen to this medium. With over 100,000 FM and AM radio stations around the world, we can find almost any content. With a good interface to navigate through the massive library, it’s one of the first options on our list. You can download TuneIn Radio for free on the App Store, but in-app purchases are required to remove ads.

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Simple Radius is an app that, as the name suggests, focuses on offering more than 50,000 online stations. An important variety that we can enjoy for free, albeit not with the best interfaces. The application includes built-in purchases, although we can use most of its functions for free. You have it for free on the App Store and you can even install it on the Apple Watch.

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My tuner radio has more than 50,000 stations in more than 200 countries. With a very well-designed interface and support for CarPlay, it’s ideal for listening to specific content in our car. An excellent user experience that you have for free on the App Store, but with ads removed with integrated purchases.

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RadioApp: Simple radio It includes an interface that is as analogue as possible, on which we are offered the dial to choose the different stations. Ideal for discovering new stations and content, thanks in part to the ability to see the name of the song currently playing at any time. You can download it for free from the App Store, with certain options reserved for subscribers at 2.99 euros per month.

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radio app It has a list of channels from all over the world, also divided by country and classified by genre. You can download it for free on App Store, with features bonus how to get a directing player for 19.99 euros a month.

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If you prefer something more focused on Spanish channels, you have the application FM radio Available for free on the App Store. Simple and direct, with a channel grid so you can go live quickly and a deal based on removing ads for 3.49 euros.

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Finally, I will not mention any application as such, but Siri. A request as simple as “Hey Siri, play national radio” or “Hey Siri, turn on Radio 3” and we’ll start listening to the content of the Music app. An important repertoire, although in order to find it we need to know what we want to hear. Of course with excellent integration into all our devices.

It is clear that Radio still has a lot to offer compared to other alternatives Entertainment such as podcasts or music streaming. We see it in moves like the ones Apple gave at the start of Apple Music with the Apple Music 1 offering.

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Playlists for finding content are great, nobody says otherwise but a human curator, a person who “plays the music for us”. It’s a great way to learn new songs.. And enjoy music from a different perspective. Not to mention that certain programs are inherently meaningless outside of live radio. No matter what interest we have in radio, we can listen to whatever we want with these five apps.

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