The reason for this, according to Gurman, is xrOS and Extended Reality coming this spring

What a lot of information Gurman gave us this weekend. We’re used to hearing a lot about Apple’s plans through its newsletter, but this one, the first of 2023, aims to break all records. Gurman has us spoke about changes to iOS 17, plans for AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch for the year and none other than the launch of the Reality Pro.

With ALL, we are facing an atypical year and that seems to be focusing more and more on the importance of the launch of Apple’s augmented/extended/virtual reality headsets, according to the rumors we’re hearing. A product that captures the attention of the technology industry as well as the resources and working hours of the people of Cupertino. A product that we will see very soon.

A start that draws all the attention and also a lot of resources

The development of Apple’s extended reality glasses has been a topic of conversation for many years. And the truth is, it’s logical, because developing a product like the one we’re waiting for takes many, many hours of dedication. So much so, that according to Gurman, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, as well as macOS 14, which we should see at WWDC next June, They will arrive with “several major changes than planned”.. And the reason is none other than the fact that xrOS, Reality Pro’s operating system, takes precedence over other developments.

Something similar happens in hardware. According to Gurman, that’s Apple plans more rolling updates for 2023 AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad and Apple TV. Yes, it’s true that we can have a good surprise with the iPhone 15, and a few in the form of a MacBook Air too, but little else. According to the Bloomberg reporter, the next big change in these devices will come in 2024 with the arrival of OLED on the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Finally, and around everything we just discussed, Gurman set a date for the launch of the Reality Pro. Apparently, Apple plans to unveil this new device during a special spring event ahead of WWDC 2023, which would be held in June. According to Gurman, Apple is planning announce the product, then showcase the operating system at WWDC, and then start selling in the fall.

The final shift, at least for now, came last year. Until recently, Apple wanted to unveil the headset in January 2023 and begin shipping later this year. Now the company intends to unveil it this spring ahead of WWDC in June, I’m told.

Under the current plan, Apple could unveil the device to consumers, likely under the Reality Pro name, and then update developers on its software features in June. According to that timeline, the company would later start selling the product in the fall of 2023.

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With these predictions, there is a truly impressive plan for the year. Some fronts will certainly receive less news, but with a major update planned for the iPhone 15 and the expected launch of Reality Pro, we will no doubt be entertained. Obviously, Apple’s plans are subject to changebut everything seems to indicate that we will have more than one surprise this year.

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