The next Apple Watch can significantly increase your battery life, but it has a trick

If the Apple Watch has been accused of something for years, it is its low autonomy. It’s complaint #1. A day of intensive use and you will have devoured the entire battery. The Apple Watch Series 8 had a battery life of just two days, depending on the scenario. At least the efficiency has been improved compared to the previous model, in addition an LTPO OLED screen has been added, which can reach a brightness peak of 1000 nits.

Ridiculous duration compared to the standard of two weeks for many Garmin, or even smartwatches from manufacturers like Xiaomi, which can reach up to a month of use if we don’t resort to the always-on screen. Apple argues that these are the costs of more continuous, efficient, and truthful monitoring. However, it seems that the future looks very promising: Apple is working hard to ensure that the next Apple Watch will have additional autonomy.

a matter of balance

The statement comes from Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of global product marketing. He pointed this out in a recent interview for India Today Increasing autonomy is possible, but associated with costs when capturing biometric data. What the company is looking for is a balance between features and battery life:

There are products in the company’s product range that require further improvements in efficiency. One of these is the Apple Watch, which is an excellent health tracker but will also benefit greatly from longer battery life. The company also continues to explore how best to balance features (real-time health and body tracking for features like heart alerts or fall detection) and battery life.

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As stated by India Today, although this is Apple’s line of research, another bet is on fast charging, which makes it a lot easier to have the Apple Watch up and running in no time. “In fast charging You can reach 80 percent of your battery capacity in 45 to 45 minutes‘ adds Borchers. With that in mind, it’s possible the next Apple Watch could reach that 100 percent charge in an even shorter time.

And let’s not forget that the Apple Watch Ultra can run for up to 60 hours. In any case, fully charging a battery in an hour is great. But it would be even better not to have to spend a whole week looking for the charging adapter. I hope that one day this dream will come true.

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