the new emergency call system is already on your iPhone from today

Between Netflix and this one, this week of February has several key days. After several months of testing, during which you might have been one of the chosen ones, The new emergency system Es-Alert is now officially working on all iPhones (and other smartphones) in Spain starting today, February 22, 2023.

And not only that: There was already a real emergency where Es-Alert was able to prove itself. If you live in the Cabanillas del Campo area of ​​Guadalajara, you may already be familiar with these new warnings.


What happened in Cabanillas del Campo is the leak of a gas pipeline that led to the implementation of Castile-La Mancha’s Territorial Emergency Plan. The escape has already been cleared up and there were no injuries to regret.

But the fact was a perfect scenario for the Es Alert system to trigger its first emergency for the residents living around it. All of them received an alert reporting the accident along with the following beep:

Thank you to everyone who was close to escaping they could notice and react in the face of a potential danger that could have been far greater than it (fortunately) ended up being. A perfect way to debut.

This sound is also displayed if you have set the iPhone to silent or quiet You only hear it when an emergency is near you. An earthquake, a gas leak, a terrorist attack… any serious incident or disaster that forces you to stop your work, whatever it is.

How to check if emergency notifications are enabled on your iPhone

These severe warnings are turned on by default on all iPhones, but it never hurts to check them in case you’ve turned them off at some point (which isn’t recommended, as you can rely on them in high-risk situations). On your iPhone, go to Settings and then Notifications:

iphone alarms es alarm emergencies

Scroll all the way down in this section and check if the option “Civil Defense Alerts‘ is on:

es alert emergency notifications iphone

As we usually say, this is one of those notifications that we never want to hear but would like to always have active. Hopefully you never have to take advantage of it.

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