the mistake of just wanting to be “the new Apple”.

We’re in this rollercoaster moment of rising as technologists the car in the front row but we don’t see the top before we start the descent. We all know something is going to happen, but not when – at what exact moment it will happen. We’re talking about the next big transition, something similar to the arrival of computers in our homes, the arrival of the iPhone, and how a device or technology can transform the world around us.

We are talking about a change that is so profound make traditional technology obsolete that we are holding in our hands right now. Well, in our hands, on our wrists, on our smart speakers, and pretty much everywhere. This waiting time for the next big innovation is hard won. The company that succeeds in doing this will probably be the “next Apple” in the next ten or twenty years. And that’s exactly the problem.

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Generational change at Apple

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A few days ago, Bloomberg ran a story with a rather attention-grabbing headline: “Apple’s New Challenge: Wave of Key Executives Leaving Company.” Read in those terms, it seems like a routers from Apple to other companies, but if we read the article ourselves in depth, we understand these changes. Of the eleven departures of executives only two had no designated successor within the company’s change plan, as in the case of Evans Hankey – Head of Industrial Design and Data Protection Officer. His duties will now be carried out by his own teams within the company while a replacement is found.

Of Apple’s 11 executive departures, only two had no planned replacements. Moving to new personal projects is part of the world and evolution in Silicon Valley

It was all of the remaining exits Apple Veteran Fees, many of whom are close to retirement – something that may continue to happen in the coming months with similar departures due to age concerns. The company too needs to reinvent itself – like any other – and that’s why the original corporation that saved it from bankruptcy in the 2000s is now ripe for a new generation. Some, like Dan Riccio, are putting all their projects aside and focusing on future products as important as Reality Pro. Something similar happened with the Macintosh.

These long-term projects are likely to have annoyed those affected leave the company voluntarily: Your teams have lost people to join these secret projects, the results of which take years to come out. It’s harder than ever to be an individual and recognized figure within the company who can make a difference, and many are looking to other projects outside of Apple to make a name for themselves.

Humane, a startup aiming for radical changes… although they don’t yet know which ones

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In 2017, two key figures in the development of iPhone and iPad were looking for a change outside of the company. at Apple, Imran Chaudhri was co-designer of the iPhone and Bethany Bongiorno I was a technical director. Together they founded Humane 5 years ago, a startup that promised the “Next Generation Personalized Technology”. After several years with no product on the market or prototype, they are now turning to a device powered by the cloud and artificial intelligence “He wants to make the iPhone obsolete”.

Humane ran an ad a year ago that was very similar to the one for Apple’s SuperBowl in 1984. The difference is that just two days later, Steve Jobs pulled the Macintosh out of a bag.

TechCrunch wrote a somewhat devastating article about it. Despite the fact that they recruit people from such major tech companies and $100 million funding rounds as Microsoft, OpenAI and Qualcomm, their product or what they will do remains a mystery. Despite the fact that they started showing a in July last year teasers from abstract conceptssomewhat similar to Apple’s 1984 Superbowl ad. The difference is that Steve Jobs pulled a computer called a Macintosh out of a pocket two days later.

What Humane seems to be building now is some sort of goggles or device to convert.the user environment in the interface‘ by having something similar to a laser projector guide us to the desired surface – for example our hand. Their mantra is to remove the screens that surround us, but the patents they have on file seem to project the same information.

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The concept itself is promising, safe – and likely the future. Amazon already proves it with what they call “environmental intelligence”, a system based on a voice interface to forget to look at the technology and that it is itself the one that surrounds us. The Ubiquitous computing is as hopeful as it is daunting: There’s no device that really represents a serious transition and change like we’re expecting at this point on the roller coaster if you really want to move beyond waiting for the next iPhone 15.

The fear is that Humane will morph into something we’ve already seen with Magic Leap, which also promised a shift to augmented reality that nearly bankrupted them. Gruber deals with them devastatingly: “Apple wants nothing to do with Humane. Bongiorno and Chaudhri did not leave the team in very good form and Chaudhri in particular appears to have taken undue personal recognition of the work done by a much larger team. I don’t know if that’s true or not, just that some in Cupertino see it that way.”.

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It is therefore the case that internal changes that reinvent themselves in companies often upset their employees who can tackle new projects – a priori as interesting as Humane, Nest or Magic Leap – after years of work at the forefront of technology. These personnel changes are part of everyday life in a company with hundreds of thousands of employees. The search for next great product that the industry changes, it will cost a little more.

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