The MagSafe will come to Android. The new Qi2 standard should ensure even more universal charging

There are different ways of wireless charging. Essentially, they all start from the same basic idea, which is to use induction coils to transfer energy, but in their practical form they have different materializations. Underneath all this, the Qi standard emerges.

This is the default governs the vast majority of bases and devices that we charge wirelessly. A standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), to which Apple belongs, among others. A standard that will soon be much more versatile and precise.

The importance of the magnet system as the core of the new standard

During CES 2023, taking place in Las Vegas, WPC announced the new Qi2 standard, developed with the help of Apple. This new benchmark it will improve the reliability and, above all, the efficiency of the current system thanks to a new feature: the Magnetic Power Profile. In other words, thanks to MagSafe.

Since its presentation with the iPhone 12, the grace of the MagSafe system has been the precise alignment of our devices with the charging station. An orientation taken over by magnets, guaranteeing the greatest possible efficiency thanks to the perfect superposition of the coils. Thanks to this, with MagSafe we ​​can reach loading speeds that the Qi system does not always allow.

The new Qi2 standard was developed together with Apple, so it will be fully compatible with MagSafe. A MagSafe that is currently a proprietary Apple standard and will soon reach other brands and devices for free royalties. Good news without a doubt because, in addition to improving wireless charging for all devices in general, we will have one from the point of view of an Apple user much larger range of accessories and solutions to choose from. Solutions to not only charge our iPhone, but also to attach it in the car, for example to external batteries such as Apple’s MagSafe and other accessories.

According to this new patent, MagSafe will be much more accurate and efficient, and reverse loading will become a reality

This can be expected with the still pending official presentation of the new version of the Qi standard now at the CES in Las Vegas Let’s see the first compatible devices before the end of the year. According to the WPC, more than a billion Qi devices will be sold in 2023, so the new standard will quickly change the outlook for wireless charging around the world.

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