The iPhone 15 Pro will have a larger screen, but it has a trick

It seems that we’re going to see more changes in the iPhone 15 than you might initially expect. After the iPhone 14 Pro brought a major front-end redesign in the form of Dynamic Island, the first rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 pointed to moderate news. Well, but the situation changes from rumor to rumor.

If a few days ago we were talking about the iPhone 15 Pro coming with an even brighter screen, now it’s time to talk size. A size that will rise slightly and might even offer a rounded finish at the edges.

Several rumors point to more changes than we expected

All of these details come from the leaker known on Twitter as ShrimpApplePro, who has made several of his predictions in the past. After already informing us about some changes in the design of the iPhone 15 Pro, he now confirms it to new sources checked the information. Something that gives more weight to the predictions and suggests that The iPhone 15 Pro will have a larger screen.

Bigger, but with a trick, well Apple will achieve this increase by reducing the bezels of the device. The iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to come in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes. Without making the next leap of 0.1-inch, which translates to 2.54mm, however, there’s plenty of room to reduce the device’s already fairly narrow bezels.

The changes, yes. are reserved for the Pro series of the iPhone 15, while the iPhone 15 entry will also receive news in the form of a dynamic island, according to the leaks. Although ShrimpApplePro couldn’t confirm this, there’s a chance that the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen had a rounded surface very similar to that of the Apple Watch. A way to better fit the titanium case, although that goes against the recent screen design change we’re seeing on the Apple Watch Ultra.

We are still in too early a stage of development to know too many details. While it’s true that Apple will soon have to shut down the design, it’s not until mass production begins that the leaks will become more common. Or so it seems The iPhone 15 Pro will bring more surprises than we initially expected.

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An even larger screen without increasing the size of the device, more space for content, more brightness to see it even in bright sunlight and the possibility of a rounded surface are just some of the rumors about these new phones. Some who, if we follow the usual calendar, are six months away from its official launch.

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