The four best Apple TV+ series that I have to pay to subscribe to every month

Apple TV + has a short catalog compared to the other services of stream of content, but what little it has is of quality. It may have started adding content from other distributors now, but for now it’s something very timid and doesn’t affect the overall tone of the service.

Personally, I’m one of those who can put up with a subscription if the service gives me not just one, but several quality series worth following, and in the case of the Apple TV, that means it does is Three series that keep me in suspense. And no, “Ted Lasso” is not one of them.

If you have an Apple TV+ subscription, these series are practically mandatory

I think it’s the greatestThat morning show’ as an essential series and the Apple TV + should try to maintain. The first season has already laid a very good foundation, and the second season has improved everything, despite having difficulties with the filming due to the pandemic. Some episodes from this second season are so memorable that I’ve reviewed them multiple times.

Nothing beats a good What happened if. Alternate stories are one of my weaknesses, and “For All Mankind” It asks you what would have happened (for now) during the second half of the 20th century if the USSR had reached the moon first and the space race had not stopped.

The third season of the series shows us nineties, where we already see progress in many aspects that we don’t have in our 2022. And the already confirmed fourth season leaves us very excited.

The third series I will mention is ‘Invasion’, which tells in a very original way how an alien attack hits people on all continents. The first season with a cliffhanger At the end of what leaves your mouth hanging on the couch, I’m pleased that a second season has already been confirmed. There is no confirmed release date and I hope they will say it soon.

And finally, I mention this gem directed by Ben Stiller ‘Separation’. This series alone already justifies the share of Apple TV+. It has become one of the big ones in the catalog and makes you want more.

Luckily, they’re already working on filming a second season, which we hope will solve some of the mysteries left by the first. If you can only watch one series on Apple TV+, choose that one. It’s the most original thing you’re likely to see in many years.

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Of course there are other good series on Apple TV+: Mythic Quest, Slow Horses and Foundation could be some of them. And of course we can’t forget “Ted Lasso”. But for me, these four series are the reason I will keep my subscription to the service. Or at least I will activate it when any of them release new episodes.