The first 6 most recommended tasks if we just released an iPad

We carefully open the box and… a brand new iPad. What a great feeling. Our ecosystem grows or renews with us a piece that falls halfway between the Mac and the iPhone and that takes the best of each of them. An iPad that we want to enjoy as soon as we have configured it.

The setup itself is a matter of a few minutes and that’s it some more tasks that are highly recommended when starting an iPad. From the long list of candidates, let’s see the six most important to enjoy our iPad in the best conditions.

Many options, but we can highlight a few

As the name suggests, customizing the iPad is a very personal task. We assume that We released an iPad for the first time, because if not we just have to restore the backup of our old iPad and we have everything configured. So since this is our first iPad, there are several things we can do.

  • Customize the Dock: Just as we personalize our iPhone’s home screen, it is important that we personalize our iPad’s home screen. Of course, let’s pay special attention to the dock. Why? Being very easy to access from any application and on a device where multitasking is the order of the day, the most useful thing is being able to drag the apps from the dock next to the ones we use.
  • Let’s try Stage Manager: Coming from the Mac in particular, Stage Manager makes window management on the iPad more like it is on the desktop. We can resize, reposition and switch between them quickly, just as easily as we do on Mac.
Legend to the Ipados 16 Control Center Stage Manager

  • Configure our email accounts in Mail: We may not have done it on the iPhone, but the iPad inherently is a great place to bring all of our accounts together, bar none. In the settings > E-mail > Add account We can configure as many as we have.
  • Activate night shift: This gives the screen a warmer hue as bedtime approaches. A resource to avoid blue light near break time that could disturb it. A customization that we can make from the same app the settings come in screen and brightness.
  • Set a concentration state to read: We may already have focus states on iPhone, but there’s one on iPad that stands out from the rest. We can configure a state to avoid distractions and activate it as soon as we open the Books app. Ideal for reading comfortably with our iPad.
  • Try the Freeform app: an application in which we can organize practically everything and do it together. Freeform gives us a blank slate on which to annotate, add content, relate, comment, post-its, and more. On the iPad, the application takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the Apple Pencil.

My e-book reader?  An iPad and that kind of concentration

Of course, there are many other things to discover in our new iPad that we will discover for ourselves as we use it. But they are some first clues as you explore our brand new addition to the Apple ecosystem that we’re already enjoying.

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