The best way to keep using a broken Apple Pencil? Turn it into a pen

While the Apple Pencil It’s a really durable device. It is true that we may have to replace it with a new one. We’re not talking about when it’s convenient for us to change the tip to continue enjoying maximum precision, we’re talking about when we should go straight to buying a new Apple Pencil. What do we do with the old one?

A Reddit user asked this question a few days ago. The answer is clearly curious: Turn the Apple Pencil into a stylus. A small invention, very easy to make, that will give new life to our pencil and will undoubtedly attract the attention of all those who watch us.

From the Apple Pencil to the Apple Pen

The process itself is very simple. Once we’ve verified that the Apple Pencil is really not working and can’t be fixed, that’s all we have to do Unscrew the tip and pull out the internal components out through the tip opening. The process requires a bit of precision, but it’s relatively easy with needle-nosed pliers or a similar tool.

Now that we’ve removed the battery and the rest of the components of the Apple Pencil, all we have to do is do it Get a refill like the BIC pens that we can find on the internet. Not all of them will fit, but it will be quite simple that simply by pressing we can get a satisfactory result.

And with that, we get something very similar to the image posted by revenue user 69tt a few days ago. A Stylus with the body and feel of the Apple Pencil. Not with its weight, yes, because the battery is mainly responsible for the weight of the pencil.

Undoubtedly an extremely curious mini-project when it comes to breathing new life into an old Apple Pencil. A resource, yes, that only works with the second generation Apple Pencil which enjoys the ability to be relatively easily disassembled.

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Utilities of this invention? If we are careful not to remove the magnets inside the pencil body, we can attach it to the fridge and use it to write down the shopping list, for example. Beyond that, it’s little more than a curiosity, but an interesting one.

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