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In the midst of the digital age and with the iPhone encroaching more and more into cameras, it’s too easy to fill the device with photos. And at the same time can end in true gallery chaos. For this reason I have decided to organize this application as best as possible.

And while I’ve applied a lot of advice from experience, the truth is that the Apple forums can be a mine where you can find real diamonds in terms of organization. So I’ll tell you What are the best tips to always have our memories organized?.

iCloud, always iCloud

While I’m also a contributor to Google Photos, Amazon Photos, and many others that come to mind, my experience over the years makes me realize iCloud is the best option when it comes to an iPhone. Unsurprisingly, this is Apple’s own cloud.

So I think it’s essential Prioritize the cloud over internal storage and since photos and videos always consume the most, I always choose the iPhone with the smallest capacity when it comes to renewing my phone. But that is a different topic with different characteristics.

iCloud Photos

The important thing here is You always have access to your photos and know that they will never be lost. It doesn’t matter if the iPhone breaks or we use the Mac or the iPad. Our photos will always be safe. Although, yes, you have to go through the box every month. I have an Apple One plan, but here it’s a matter of taste to find the most convenient iCloud payment model.

With the contracted cloud, priority is paramount Turn on the iCloud Photos option. of the iPhone. To do this, just go to Ideas > photos and check the appropriate box (if it wasn’t already checked).

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Create your own albums

New album

It’s true that the iPhone automatically organizes photos into albums such as screenshots, portraits, from WhatsApp, from Twitter, etc. However, Organizing them yourself is usually more effective. A bit cumbersome task but useful to find our snaps faster.

For example, if you are attending a birthday, you can add all photos and videos to a specific album for that birthday or to a general album for that type of event. In the end it depends on how you want to organize it, but always try to differentiate the albums well to make it easier to find the photos in question when searching.

Check out the “People” albums

Continue with this goal Find photos fasterI think it is very important to pay attention to automatic albums that recognize who is in the photos. If you go to the People album and never set it up, you’ll see a bunch of faces waiting to be tagged. tag them.

confirm photos

It should be said It recognizes faces well in most cases, but you have to be alert at all times. Therefore, it’s important to visit these albums from time to time and explore the “Verify Photos” options, which allow us to tell the system whether the people appearing in certain photos are the default tagged person or not.

And so it’s possible to speed up the search for moments based on the people who were in those snaps. It is enough to resort to the search engine of the Photos app and write the name with which we will tag this person. As a matter of fact, You can also find photos that show multiple peopleideal for example if you want to find memories of this person and you.

Watch out for duplicate photos

duplicate photos

One of the big new features of iOS 16 was the ability to delete or merge duplicate photos. And that is often the case We tend to have several repeated photos. Either because we took multiple shots of the same scene, received that photo multiple times, or because we were the ones who unknowingly downloaded it twice.

Just open the Photos app and go down the Albums tab to find the Duplicates album. And if we’re there, we can Select the photos individually or all at once to merge them all later and always keep the best quality. The plus of this feature is space saving.

Activate camera location

location photos

Although we can understand that granting location permissions to an external app can be contradictory, especially if it’s not designed to provide a specific functionality. However, the “camera” app only collects data to find our snaps and thus have them more localizable.

In fact, in the Photos app there is an album called Places where we can scroll through a map to see all the photos taken around the planet. If you haven’t given the Camera app these permissions, all you have to do is go Ideas > Privacy & Security > Location > camera and click “When the app is in use”. And if you want to be even more precise, also check the “Exact location” box.

My two tricks for not forgetting the memories

Let’s be honest, often we take pictures that we never look at again. We tend to immortalize moments that die later, no matter how many times we have them in our gallery. Because of this, I keep coming back Discover photos and videos from previous years. And I have two tips for that.

memories photos

You probably already know the first one and this is it Access the For You tab the Photos app. In it we will find videos that have been automatically assembled by iOS for various reasons. In my case, there are many reminders related to pets, but there are also specific events such as vacations or parties that can be easily recognized by the iPhone thanks to its location.

Although if I tell you the truth, I end up grabbing more rudimentary technique for manually checking photos by date. For example, if it’s March 23, I go to the search engine and type “23. March” to see all the photos and videos I’ve taken that day since I’ve had iPhone.

Obviously life doesn’t always leave me time to stop in detail to see each and every one of the snaps taken 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and more years ago. However, I look at them from above. And the highlight of the guide comes with this trick Set a reminder to repeat every day to remember to do this when I have a few minutes of peace. And believe me, it’s a good way to remember moments.

Bonus: two tips to improve our photos

Camera Iphone 14 Pro

Although we can find many tricks to improve our photos and that have nothing to do with organizing the gallery, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity recommend two actions that are repeated ad nauseam on photo expert forums and I can confirm from my own experience that they work.

The always-on grid

raster camera

have a good frame in a photo It’s basic. And yes, you can always straighten the photo later, but if we take a framed photo by default, we avoid losing a lot of detail.

‘Live Photos’ always active

photos live

Apart from the interesting effects that Live Photo offers, such as: B. creating a long exposure effect and even GIFs, it also ultimately helps to activate it Always choose the best time. If by default the iPhone didn’t pick the moment we wanted from the scene, we can edit it and choose the frame that fits what we wanted to show.

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