The art of the Mac at home

We pay so much attention to our devices that we forget one of the most important parts of ours interaction with them every day: the place in the house where we use them. Today, despite the ubiquity – and the convenience – of using some of them anywhere, we’ll always find one reserved place them in the midst of the telecommuting age.

And it is that work tables have changed a lot, as I have commented in this analysis of one of the best lifting tables on the market – without a doubt, the new fad. After studying or working at home, we went to a table on time any with a kitchen chair – or anywhere else – to create it yourself a specially designated area Therefore.

Not in any way, of course: the “art” of Prepare this work area and adapting to our everyday life is also important and in a way almost a reflection of ourselves. At Applesfera we offer you some of these assemblies such as: settings that play a lot with lighting, those whose central element is the Apple Studio Display, or those that you sent us yourself, which we thought was great.

Our technology oases

Applesfera Reader Setup Angel Rodriguez

Set up by our reader Ángel Rodríguez (@wavensdorvad)

However, there are several reasons behind each of these desks: the little learning that we discover in use and with which we form our work table: that it is never perfect in the beginning and will never be unchangeable. I talk about these tricks with Miguel López, who tells us how his setup has changed after the move, and We share some tricks.

I’m demoing one of the ones mentioned in the podcast that I really enjoyed costs integrate: the use of a Articulated arm for monitor, which allows you to eliminate the large stands of today’s monitors through the VESA interface. They’re not particularly expensive, the one I bought for the home cost me just over €30 and I’ve tried them with all types of monitors, including the 34-inch BenQ Ultrawide I bought at Applesfera a few weeks ago have tested.

Gas spring desk mount for LCD screens from 22 to 35 inches with VESA max. 100 x 100 mm, up to 12 kg

Gas spring desk mount for LCD screens from 22 to 35 inches with VESA max. 100 x 100 mm, up to 12 kg

Also, in this new installment we also get nostalgic with some of the old Apple ads (Who still remembers the first Intel or the iMac “bulb”?), we discuss the latest news from the trite Apple Car and we wonder when is the next keynote… which could come as more of a surprise than ever.

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