That’s why Tim Cook reads all the messages he receives from users every morning

I think at this point in the game we all know who Tim Cook is. He is CEO of Apple, the most valuable company in the world. The market cap is approximately $2.6 trillion. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude, it’s approximate twice the Spanish gross domestic product. In other words, it’s worth twice absolutely everything produced in Spain in a year. Not bad.

Tim Cook’s job has to be one of the most stressful and demanding in the world. Knowing that there is so much money and so many jobs to lose because of a bad decision shouldn’t be easy. However, Cook reads all emails he receives from customers. And it shouldn’t be few. At Applesfera, we wanted to know why. We already know that, and it makes a lot of sense. We’ll tell you.

Motivation, inspiration and who knows, maybe even a new product.

Tim Cook is motivated by messages from his customers. For them to tell you that the Apple Watch saved someone’s life, that they really love to paint with the new iPad Pro M2, that they found a dog that got lost with an AirTag, etc. It would motivate me. You know what Your work serves to make the lives of many people a little better It is something that is priceless.

These emails also inspire the CEO of Apple. They help you have a different perspective know what you like best about your devices, and the changes your customers want most often. It’s a good way to learn first-hand what the reality of their products is. A reality that is often not reflected in sales or satisfaction charts, but goes much further and is easier to see when talking to the consumer.

The customer is the one who uses your device all day, he’s the one who knows what he likes and doesn’t like and you need to listen to him

Apple CEO feeds new ideas from other people’s ideas

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It is precisely in this process that new ideas can emerge. Tim Cook forwards incoming emails to company employees when he thinks they describe them a problem that should be solved, or an idea that could be carried out. One of the most famous cases happened when a user sent him a letter in 2014 complaining that the music on the phone support sounded too distorted.

Just 24 hours later, a company representative contacted the user. He told him that Tim Cook himself had called his own tech support, that he had verified that what he was saying was true, and so on I had already placed an order for repairs.

This is the kind of problem that no matter how many briefings you have with your vice presidents, you don’t know about but still need to solve, and Apple’s CEO knows it This is only possible if you listen to your customers.

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If you have a complaint of this nature, a suggestion, an odd idea, or a story to tell, you too can contact Tim Cook. His mail is [email protected] We won’t fool you, you’re highly unlikely to get an answer, but they will certainly read your message, and who knows, it might even inspire Apple’s next big release.

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