That’s the way Apple should go

The main reason I have one right now iPhone 13 Pro max it’s your camera For professional reasons I have to take good photos, and that extra zoom lens saves my life on many occasions. I chose the Max size because I wanted to try using a large phone for a while, but I confess: I regret it. It builds a lot and above all it weighs a lot.

So if I had to buy an iPhone now, I would choose that iPhone 14 pronot the 14 Pro Max. What if he iPhone 14 If I had this zoom lens I wouldn’t need the Pro anymore, that’s all it is: the camera. Other things like autonomy or the design and materials of the phone are not that important to me at the moment.

But this is the iPhone I would buy if I had to buy one, not my ideal iPhone. My ideal iPhone doesn’t exist and I don’t think there ever will be, but nothing stops me from dreaming about it. Because it’s not too hard to imagine.

The size of the Mini, the cameras of the Pro

What I think is the perfect iPhone is a model the size of the iPhone mini but with the cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro. Now that I’m actively striving to only use the iPhone for useful things (minimizing social media), I want the phone to be something I can use with one hand.

That would have a very clear effect: little autonomy. What can you do about it? Something Apple would never do, but I would assume without a problem: make the iPhone thicker. It is more: that its thickness is equal to the total thickness of the lenses so that the device rests correctly on the table. This increases the weight, but a comfortable one-hand operation would make it much more bearable. Once we get used to lifting the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s quarter pound (and without the case!), we can get used to lifting something like this, which would certainly be lighter even with that extra thickness.

The small mobiles hold their own in the competition

So far the closest I’ve come to this is what I envision Asus Zenfone 9: 5.9 inches very compact in a 169 gram terminal with some stunning cameras:

asus zenfon 9

Something like that, but with the Apple logo, Tim, please.

It could even be a bit smaller, although I don’t want to go too far either. sybarite. But this cell phone helps me to be able to say what I have in mind It’s technically possible, and the sacrifices in the specs aren’t that big.. I could buy the iPhone 13 mini, but it’s a model with no future and without the cameras I need.

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Could we someday see an iPhone like this? I really doubt it. Apple (and the market in general) is pointing to big-screen phones. Some of us might like small phones, but we’re the exception. The niche. The only hope I have is that Apple will somehow keep a small model (maybe with the iPhone SE) and over the years I’ll inherit a camera system that already covers my professional needs.

image | Dennis Cortes

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