That’s how ruthless Steve Jobs was when he negotiated

The world of technology is full of fascinating characters and Steve Jobs is certainly one of the most prominent. Its relentless approach to quality and excellence has been praised and criticized in equal measure, but no one can dispute that has managed to change the world with its innovative approach and passionate vision.

In one of his most famous and pivotal negotiations for the company he faced, Jobs used his talent for provocation to reach an agreement with IBM and The story has become a legend in the business world.

A key negotiation for the success of the company

In 1989, NeXT, the tech company founded by Steve Jobs after he left Apple, was struggling to attract buyers. Desperate for a deal with IBM, NeXT executives met with their IBM colleagues to discuss the possibility of licensing their NeXTSTEP software for use on IBM’s OS/2 computers. What happened at that meeting has become the stuff of legend and has been cited countless times as Example of Jobs’ unique approach to negotiation.

When executives from both companies met at NeXT’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California to discuss the terms of the deal, everyone was nervous. Jobs, who was at the helm of the technology company at the time, had not yet arrived for the meeting. When he finally showed up, he walked into the conference room and addressed the top IBM manager in the meeting directly. In a moment of daring Jobs told him, ‘Your UI is rubbish’.

The room fell silent. Both NeXT and IBM executives couldn’t believe what had just happened. But that was nothing new to Steve Jobs, who knew that often the best way to get what he wanted was to be reckless and defiant. With an incredible ability to provoke, Jobs continued: “We will make this deal, but your products are mi…a”. Executives at both companies were shocked, but Jobs had a goal in mind and would stop at nothing to achieve it.

Ultimately, Jobs’ tactic worked and NeXT was able to close the deal with IBM for $65 million. The story has become a legend in the business world and has been cited time and time again as Example of Jobs’ unique negotiating skills. While some criticized his approach as being overly aggressive and unprofessional, others praised his ability to get what he wanted and his insistence on quality and excellence.

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The story of the negotiation meeting between NeXT and IBM is another example of Steve Jobs’ unique character and his ability to achieve anything he set his mind to. Although his approach was unconventional, he achieved results and made his mark on the world of business and technology. Sometimes, A direct and honest approach can be more effective than trying to please everyone and Steve Jobs knew a lot about that.

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