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What is the wallet app for? Pay with Apple Pay, right? Yes, true, but it serves much more. Just like the physical wallet we carry in our pocket, We can store a lot more than debit or credit cards in the Wallet app (formerly wallet) of our iPhone. And that opens the doors to a multitude of possibilities.

Tickets to different places, cards, keys and much more are just some of the options. Not to mention that in the USA the possibility of saving the driver’s license in the app is already being used. Something that doesn’t exist in Spain yet, but that should arrive and contribute sooner rather than later the physical wallet is increasingly being replaced by our iPhone.

Anything with a QR code is likely to end up in the wallet

We have already said that we can use the Cartera app to pay, since with Apple Pay we can add credit and debit cards from almost all banks in Spain. It also allows us to make payments on the web and if we do, we can do so as long as the merchant in question has enabled this option Track the package directly in the wallet app. A very comfortable option to not have to resort to tracking numbers and the web or third-party applications to know when the order will arrive.

In addition, all transactions we make with Apple Pay in the Wallet app are reflected and stored for about a month. Thanks to her we can very easy to consult the movements without having to go to the bank’s app, which all too often does not offer us the best interface for each request.

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In addition to using credit or debit cards, we may use other types of cards, e.g. B. tickets and tickets. Tickets for the cinema, for a concert, plane, ship or train tickets, travel documents or reservations in a restaurant are just some of the options offered to us. Basically, any item with a QR code is likely to end up in the wallet app.

It’s the same with the Loyalty cards for supermarkets and shops, with the loyalty cards of a gym, swimming pool or library and practically everything we can think of. Here the wallet app is posited as something really interesting, as it ends up with dozens of passes, vouchers and the like in one fell swoop, cluttering up a traditional wallet but not even taking up space here.

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Beyond cards, we can also carry keys in the wallet app. allowed to Store the keys of different models of smart locks HomeKit with which we only have to bring our iPhone to the door of our house to open it. We can share these keys with others so anyone who needs to get in can get in.

Similar, We can also take our car keys with us. It is true that initially there were only a few models and brands that integrated this possibility, but the option is gradually expanding. As with the keys to the house, we can share them with other people and do so by controlling what they can do with them. For example, we can allow a child to open the car at a certain time to wait inside without being able to start it.

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The Wallet app (before iOS 16 Wallet) goes far beyond simply allowing us to conveniently pay for our purchases. The flexibility that QR codes offer, along with a good app in which to manage them and put them to good use, means this we can forget about the physical portfolio on more occasions. We have everything we need on our iPhone.

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