Ten days later, I’m still able to share an account on Netflix without a trace of blockage

Two weeks ago, the new Netflix measures became the most talked about topic among so many people that we literally brought it up in my neighborhood. Price increase, additional location detection, and device banning… it all sounded like a disaster and a wave of service outages.

But time has passed, and although Netflix has forced me to set up a main location There is no trace of bans preventing me from sharing the account with multiple other relatives’ locations. And after many days of doomsday warnings and catastrophic geolocations, the question is: Why?

Netflix is ​​pushing, but not drowning…for now

Let’s do a quick summary. Netflix is ​​looking to push its earnings to the max now that it’s not growing as fast as it would like. Pressured by investors and competitors, the company decided that users should follow its rules to the letter. Nothing of “Love shares your password“: From now on, love costs 5.99 euros extra per month.

But when we all expected a block of the additional locations if we didn’t pay, this one has not arrived. Yes, some need it, but not all. My Netflix is ​​still active on multiple TVs, iPhone, iPad, and other devices; and it works perfectly.

Netflix must have studied well the reaction of all Spanish users to the good measures

My colleagues from Genbeta have bet that Netflix has already benefited from the measures only with the changed user behavior. Everything that happened two weeks ago may have prompted a lot of people to create new accounts and rent additional locations, so the service must have collected a lot of metrics on how Spanish customers were responding. The number of cancellations may have been lower than the number of accounts that remained activeas simple as that.

It can also happen that the blocks spread out slowly. There are users who have taken months to see that this blockage has been activated on their devices, as happened in Chile:

We may have received the notices in February, but we won’t see these lockdowns come into effect until late summer or fall. And perhaps in this case, the number of victims will increase to such an extent that Netflix will be forced to reduce prices, as has already happened in 30 countries. They’re markets with fewer users than Spain and where price cuts have less of an impact on finances, but it’s something.

"We could argue that the operators should compensate us": Netflix revolts against the EU and the payment of the network

Time will tell what happens in the future, but it looks like Netflix users are at the mercy of very random choices. The service threatens to block, but reserves the right to do so. Want Proceed with caution, study our reaction and act accordingly so that the victims are not Rampage. Congratulations to all the lucky ones who can still use the account wherever they want without suspension.

Source : www.applesfera.com