Surprisingly, Apple is the largest importer of deodorant in the entire world, and this chart proves it.

In technology we have seen everything. Or so we thought. Because what you never expect to discover is this Apple is the world’s largest importer of deodorants and fragrances.. It’s certainly a shocking statistic that is in dire need of an explanation, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Import technology? You better be deodorant

The smell that Apple products give off when you first open them has long been debated. For some, even obsessionas evidenced by the existence of Mac scented candles, which peaked a few years ago.

The UnderUnderstood podcast, starring two former iFixit employees, explores the theory that Apple products They are packed with a fragrance inside.. This distinctive new smell that Apple products have would be intentional. To the point of turning the largest tech company in the world into the largest importer of deodorants and fragrances on the planet. There is nothing.

Unpack iMac

The key comes from ImportYeti, a web service that collects companies that import products from around the world. Classifies them according to their suppliers, transaction volume, industry and country, among other variables. The file you got from Apple shows a number of notable results.

Apple imports

Main product import blocks from Apple. Bottom left is the deodorants and fragrances section.

Apple is one of the world’s largest importers of fragrances, which the podcast authors say are used in the packaging of its products

Among them we find headphones with a microphone, lithium cells, telephones, electrical elements and other electronic components. There are also data processing machines and devices. So far normal in a consumer electronics company. In fact, as you might expect, Samsung has refrigerators, dishwashers, industrial equipment, auto parts, and consumer electronics on its tab.

Apple suppliers

Largest importer of deodorants and fragrances in the world, with Apple in first and distant position.

But in the case of Apple, the most striking thing is a game called “Personal deodorants, essential oils and other perfumery goods”. Of course, this isn’t a section you’d expect when we talk about Apple. But that doesn’t end here. If we venture into this game, we see that Apple is the largest fragrance importer in the world with 1,569 shipments since 2015. Almost twice as much as the second company, Royal Caribbean Cruises (a cruise company).

The reason for so much apple scent

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

The UnderUnderstand moderators immediately wonder why Apple is the world’s largest importer of fragrances. Doing their research, they find an answer on Quora from Samad Siddiqui, who states on his LinkedIn profile that he has been with Apple for more than a decade, much of that time as a genius. Here’s how he answers the question of whether Apple created a scent for the packaging of its products:

Yes, there are engineers who create the scent you can smell when you open the packaging of an Apple product. It is a strange essence with very different and complex elements.

apple crates

Siddiqui further elaborates in another Quora answer, where it refers to products rather than shops as origin of this characteristic smell:

Apple Stores don’t carry a specific scent, but product packaging does. Think of all the boxes of Apple products that get opened at every Apple Store every day.

This smell is a complex combination of three or four different scents… it’s the smell of a new product from Apple. It permeates the store and sometimes mixes with the smell of wood in the stores. It’s very distinctive. I’ve never smelled it anywhere else.

According to this former Apple genius There is no fragrance that the company’s employees hand out every morning in their stores. It’s a smell deliberately created for the packaging so that the user will notice it when opening the box. As a result, Apple stores smell like this.

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It would be great to know the creative process behind the creation of this fragrance. Apple has a habit Dive into the depths of an industry for their own creations, as happened with the Apple Watch. It is certainly an exciting topic that only a few in the company can know more about.

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