Steve Wozniak has already warned about Meta. Only use TikTok for an hour a day to watch kitty videos

It’s been 47 years since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak got together in their parents’ garage to start something the greatest corporation ever seen in all of human history. Something like that could not escape two “normal” people. Neither Steve’s nor. His intelligence and vision are within the reach of very few, and it continues to show.

Steve Wozniak – known to friends as Woz – was Apple’s number two for many years. However, in 1983, he left and devoted himself to life, work on other projects, philanthropy, etc. However, if there’s one thing he keeps very secret, it’s privacy. You think you can absolutely achieve it, but make many changes in our habits.

“Sometimes I want to go back in time”

Steve Wozniak hardly ever uses social media. He tweets very occasionally when a friend asks him to, he’s given up Facebook because he’s “choking on so many unknown friends”, he avoids Google as much as possible and he admits he uses TikTok. but only an hour a day to watch animal rescue videos.

He says most of them know that social networks are watching them. It looks good. Anyone who wants or needs this socialization is not a problem for them. Of course, he doesn’t need it in any of his forms, so has decided to ignore everything and just focus on yourself — except for the cats on TikTok, but who doesn’t like cats?

“I find many advantages over things of the past”

I’ll tell you all this about Wozniak, He said it in an interview almost a year ago with the world. He seems to be some kind of fortune teller, as he has spoken a lot about privacy and how social media is a way of forgoing it, which although it seems legal, he doesn’t share, and now Meta has been fined by 1,200 million euros sentenced for exactly that.

The European Union today handed down the heaviest privacy-related fine in history against Meta (formerly Facebook). Apparently they didn’t comply with the General Data Protection Regulation at the time Send European user data to the United States.

The company has already received fines against Instagram and WhatsApp, which it owns, for similar situations, but they never reached this economic height. Meta has stated that it will appeal the decision and that we shouldn’t fear any cuts to its services in the old continent. Nevertheless, this decision of the Union can set a precedent for privacy in social networks.

Apple is launching new initiatives to help us stay safer and protect our privacy

As of today, Meta has five months to correct the deficiencies in its process and stop transferring European user data to the US. It seems that an agreement is already being worked out to see exactly how these situations will be dealt with in the future. , but nothing is defined yet. In any case, it seems Wozniak was pretty clear on that before the fineand if the man was right, then you must give it to him.

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